Not update to version 1.0.0

Thank you for quick response

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@heunland I am running four nodes on Windows and my version is still v0.34.6 . Nothing to worry right ?

Check watchtower logs if you are using docker or check storagenode updater log for GUI.

Docker images aren’t deployed yet.

@nerdatwork Is this what you mean?
It will roll out automatically?

Yes it will roll out automatically. Just make sure your updater service is running.

As you can see the new version is not rolled out for your node so you are good for now.

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Thanks for the info @nerdatwork. Cheers!

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my node is still in version v0.34.6 and that worries me. I am under Nas synology with docker and watchtower for updates but since it does not update me to version 1.0.0

Hi graphtek,

I’m not sure what the issue may be there, but I’ll ask around and get back to you on it. I’m just not sure if the Synology deployment is any different than a normal Linux installation, or if you’re waiting for a different release.

Thank you, I await your return

@graphtek Maybe the update hasn’t rolled out to your node id yet?

It’s just the docker install, which as of now has not been updated to 1.0.0.

@graphtek So all is good, just wait for watchtower to update. This update is still rolling out to windows nodes little by little first. Docker will be updated after the windows nodes all have been.

Count on this happening for all future rollouts. It can take a while until it’s rolled out to everyone. No need to worry about that.


What is version 1.0.0 ? Where did you get information about it?

My nodes haven’t updated from 0.34.6 to 0.35.3 and you expecting 1.0.0 ? :slight_smile:

0.35.3 and 1.0.0 are the same thing. Although I’m not sure we’re getting it as 1.0.0 or 0.35.3 in this rollout. But since it’s now in production version 0.35.3 became 1.0.0.

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The latest version of the program has still not been pushed onto Docker. We all have to wait until this moment occurs. Run the watchtower for automatic update and wait calmly for this moment.


update to version 1.0.0 will be done via docker for Linux SN’s or is it planned to release binaries?


You do realise that the current latest version is v0.35.3? thanks

:sweat_smile: It’s v1.0.0!!! :tada::tada::tada::tada:

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Lol :laughing:

It makes sense to switch to v1.0.0 since we’re now in prod I guess :sweat_smile:

My node (docker) has just been updated 3 hours ago.
Storage Node Dashboard ( Node Version: v0.35.3 )

FYI :smiley: