November payout details

I just noticed that I received my November payout for the month of October two days ago on Nov 6. That was great as my v3 node has only been online since mid October. What I don’t understand is why there were 3 payment transactions in my wallet. Since there are 4 satellites, should there have been a 4th transaction? Also is there any way to see the details for each payment amount or a summary such as TB stored, egress bandwidth, repair bandwidth? This is a Windows 10 home GUI node. Any clarification is appreciate.

This isn’t payment for November. Payment for previous month is sent during first 2 weeks of current month. You should use this to calculate payment for October.

I am aware that this is the November payment for October. I will edit the post to make that more clear. I appreciate your replay but it appears that the link you suggested is not applicable since it is for a Docker install and this is a Windows 10 GUI node.

There was for sure a way to see payment details in the V2 network. Payouts.storj or something. I think I read the the way to see payment details in v3 is still under development though. You can see you payout amounts on ether scan, but you can not yet view from which satellite the payment came from, and the details of the payment. AT LEAST ON THE GUI. Can someone confirm if I am correct… Lasly I also had 3 payments, But one satellite had only died a couple of kilabytes. So my guess is one satellite did not use enough space on your node to accutally give you a payment. Especially since you only started in mod Oct.

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The payment dashboard for v2 was great. For v3 they would only need to add repair traffic data and maybe an entry for each satellite. The Ether scan link on the GUI Dashboard is very helpful. it was how I found out that I had receive the October payout.

Do you need anything else? I just added more info to my post if it helps. I can see you marked the post above as solved. It is funny because I also discover I got paid the first time over etherscan too. I also loved the way v2 showed your payments!

I would suggest that you run the payout script to estimate your earnings for each satellite for the month of October using the V3 earnings estimation script instructions from our Knowledge Base This should show you the earnings you should have gotten for each satellite. If you see that there were earnings for the fourth satellite you should have gotten, you can then file a support ticket which should include the results of running the earnings estimation script above so we can ask our data scientist to verify your payouts for the satellite in question. This is essentially the same as was already suggested before, so I am not sure what other questions you are waiting to get answered. If you want to see stats about your node´s payouts, I suggest you add that idea to or look for a similar idea already there that you could upvote. Note that the roadmap already contemplates building status pages for both storj and tardigrade.

Incorrect, the script works on the database files stored inside your storage folder. If you want you can copy all the .db files to another folder, save the and execute it as instructed on the above page.

It feels so weird you calling it November payout when its October payment that you received in November.

Maybe I’m dense but my impression is that the script requires docker or Ubuntu both of which I do not have installed and do not want to install on my windows machine. Thanks for your reply though. I’ll wait for status pages to be available.

You just need python on your windows since its a python script or if you have WSL enabled then its even better.

@nerdatwork I believed be @mdmeyerpfa is correct when he says the script does not work for a GUI install… The link you put up is a link to script for Docker… Also the py script is different then the one in you post earlier. I think…

GUI only means its docker-less but storage folder still works the same with same number of .db files. You can look in to your storage folders. The python script works by working on those .db files so dont get confused by the initial instructions given in the page.

Try this:

  1. Copy .db files from your storage folder to another folder let’s say C:\earnings
  2. Save in the same folder
  3. Have python & sqlite3 installed on Windows. If you have WSL enabled then you can install python & sqlite3 on it.
  4. Execute python C:\earnings 2019-10
    If its on WSL then python /mnt/c/earnings 2019-10

I suggest you actually read past the first paragraph in the instructions, where it clearly states: Windows users alternatively can enable the WSL feature and install Ubuntu from the Microsoft Store and install needed packages in the Ubuntu shell: not sure how much more detailed these instructions need to be …

I made this to simply this for people with a GUI install

Step 1
Run this command in powershell and restart your computer. By running it you add a feature in windows that will allow you to run linux commands inside windows.
Command: Enable-WindowsOptionalFeature -Online -FeatureName Microsoft-Windows-Subsystem-Linux

Step 2
Install python and save this script, and save it as

Python download here

Step 3
Run the command in the Ubuntu shell which you should have if you followed step 1.

command: sudo apt install sqlite3

Step 4


Step 5

Run the script from the data folder (it’s better to copy it to a different place and run this script from there to avoid the database corruption with a parallel access)


  • either specify the path to the data folder as an argument:

python /path/to/data

  • or specify the path to the data folder and month:

python /path/to/storj/data 2019-05

Step 6

Restart your node.

you are correct. No more details needed. I just don’t want to enable WSL and install Ubuntu.

you do not have to install Ubuntu, you just enable a Ubuntu terminal, (It is a Subsystem) the feature is built into windows. Check it out here:


In production, is there any plan to send Monthly payment receipts to the SNO with detailed payouts?
Just to add them to the taxes report.

Estimator is pretty useful but payments receipts from Storj Labs or from the satellites owners are needed.

There is absolutely no need for WSL at all. The python script works just fine on windows as long as you have python installed on your system. Just use powershell. I specifically test that with every update on my windows system as well.

You can keep track of all your STORJ payout transactions with any explorer such as In this decentralized world, you do not need to rely on any third party. There is no better proof than the transaction on the blockchain. Regardless, I already mentioned that status pages are planned with more details, please scroll up and read my comment regarding the roadmap above.

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In this real world, if I receive a transaction in the blockchain of 1000000 STORJ and I want to declare this income in the tax report, I will need to justify the origin of this transaction. Basics of AML.
Even if Storj Labs is paying SNO with a token, the payout is calculated in US dollars.

Extracted from the Storj Labs white paper v3 (

“Additionally, the network must be able to account for ensuring effcient, timely billing and payment processes as well as regulatory compliance for tax and other reporting. To be as globally versatile as possible with payments, our network must be robust to accommodate several types of transactions such as cryptocurrency, bank payments, and other forms of barter).”

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