October 8, 2021: Payouts for the month of September complete, PLUS, plan for SNO Payments rules

Is there not an easy solution here. Stop the onboarding of new nodes until demand requires it. We all hopefully get paid more because data is shared between fewer people. Where as @SGC said newer nodes will quit because of not having earn’t any money but also having a negative opinion of Storj as a project. I class myself as a fairly old timer having been involved since v2 and get paid reasonably regular but i understand the frustration of node operators. I’m not a believer of the L2 solution as i don’t think people should pay for access to their payment. I don’t do it in my regular job.


There is no need to artificially limit the growing, the economics will work better.

So, there would be only long running nodes and they mostly will be run by Operators who doesn’t concerned regarding covering bills, because if you heard us - you will use the HW which will be online anyway, with Storj or without, so all costs already covered and any earnings will be a pure profit.
Of course you can take a risk to invest in HW, but there is no guarantee to cover your bills, since the service is used by real people and thus there is no predictable income.


My previous statement:

does not imply that we discarded implementation of L2 on the customer side as part of the billing refactoring.

I just converted my nodes to zkSync payments, although as a long-term operator, I could pass the fee thresholds to be paid on L1, even at 10%. With all the development going on in zkSync, it looks like it’ll become a full-fledged L2 solution in short order with zkSync 2.0 and zkEVM. As @Alexey mentioned, the just recently demoed a port of UniSwap v2 and did an AMA on reddit about where they see the project going.

Pretty soon we’ll see bridges between zkSync and other L2s, with ways to bridge back to fiat, all with much lower fees than L1.

I think the Storj team chose the right L2 to build this payment solution with for SNOs and I’ll be happy with a 10% bonus to continue receiving payments in zkSync.


Will it start for October payments? Or it’s still a proposition?

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But you spend time in zksync - in my opinion a broken solution for the SNOs :wink:
But I wont complain again and again about the same thing, which is discussed a lot and where unfortunately stroj set the SNOs before accomplished facts and determines the payout terms at the expensive of the SNOs.

Im a long time SNOs, I love the Idea and the Project and I will let run my Nodes but I cant get it how the project can harm itself ever end ever again with such decisions.

Just my 2 cents :wink:

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We spent time to implement an universal support of wallet features. Now we are able to split payouts by wallet features and send them separatelly.
We did not spent time to implement integration of ERC20 tokens to zkSync, this was done by Matter Labs.

So, if your favorite method can accept ERC20 tokens and can distribute them with low fee to the participants, it can be added as a supported feature.

There are two supported wallet features at the moment:

  • Ethereum (L1) (default), you will pay fee in ETH to send tokens from L1 address to another L1 address;
  • zkSync (L2), you will pay almost the same fee as in L1 but in STORJ tokens to withdraw tokens from L2 to L1 address.

zkSync allows you to receive payout every month, when the L1 will allow you to receive payout only when it will be in 4 times greater than fee to transfer it.
The zkSync allows you to decide when you want to withdraw your tokens, not wait for payout until you would have enough balance as in L1.
In both methods you will pay fee. I do not see how it’s broken.

The payout terms are defined in the Node Operator Terms & Conditions and have not changed - payout is calculated in USD and sent to SNO in STORJ tokens at exchange rate on date of sending.


Just to clarify things: Is the “Adding a 10% bonus to all L2 payouts” plan just a suggestion for debate?

Or is it something that has been decided and will be applied from now on (starting on November payments)?

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Reasonable question, but the way it was posted with an expected implementation date made it seem like a promise. People (including me) have already acted on that promise.

I’d say that seems like it’s quite final. Though they could still go back on the threshold move to 10%. I’m sure nobody would complain if they changed that part of the proposal. :wink:


so when will we finally know the exact payout threshold?

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I love this project and it did make me some money, so I could be a part of this community and maintain my node.

I still think think this is a great project, but there is no room for new SNO’s anymore and since I had to start my node all over again (Yes, that was my fault), that is 16 months ago, I’ve made almost nothing.

Great project, but this is getting almost impossible for new SNOs, to get anything back for the effort of running a node.

Good luck to everyone, and to everyone thats been onbord for a while, great job for the project and I hope you guys make enough to keep you nodes running, cause we need a service like storj :slight_smile:

Welcome to the ex-SNO club :slight_smile: