October 8, 2021: Payouts for the month of September complete, PLUS, plan for SNO Payments rules

So if the ETH wallet already has a balance, and you do WalletConnect in Ledger live you can then receive funds on L2 on that address? I’m confused what activates this in zksync/l2. Just requires the initial walletconnect?

So, basically unless your a whale don’t expect to get any payment from Storj that is actually useable for the forseeable future. Since there are still no Exchanges.
I am really curious why Storj has decided to push an agenda where SNO’s can’t get an actual useable payment - whilst at the same time saying that it is really important for SNO’s to be viable and profitable? To me the two statements don’t match at all since currently L2 payments remain useless. Actions are not matching words here gents. I couldn’t even pay Storj for storage if i wanted to using your payment to me.
I have switched to zksync because I have myself given up on L1 being useable. But L2 is currently equally useless.


Very harsh indeed for SNO’s who aren’t whales.
So, the options as they currently stand:

  1. Don’t get paid on L1 at all.
  2. Get paid on L2 but you can’t do anything meaningful with the tokens.

I’d say the current plan is to phase out L1 payments completely and force SNO’s to use L2 as the only option. All while the implementation of L2 is incomplete.

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  Keep Calm
Keep Storjing

Eth2.0 is on its way, and if that all fails its easy to migrate to Cardano
so the problem, should be resolved in the near future.

@jtolio , @john if someone followed Storj’s own guidelines and implemented a 500GB node - what could they meaningfully do with any payment they earnt with your current proposals?

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I’ve heard so many proposals on what was going to fix the problem in just my first year on Storj… Yet it never seems to quite happen.

So, it looks like to me they want storj decentralization to run for free by small SNOs

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If you were at the zoom meeting @jtolio already asked the community for free services.

Sorry, I’ve missed that.
But good luck with that to them

to say its free is not fair

if you get paid it not free, the payment system has issues… its not like if your credit card doesn’t work, you blame your employer…

StorjLabs pays sure the money isn’t being paid out directly, but it can still end in your wallet, even if your options is currently limited.

not like this will make you a fortune anyways, running storagenodes are a long term investment in something you might even find interesting, and still it won’t make you rich…

it’s a job like any other and if you are crying about you can’t get your 10$ in your hands or on your bank account, sure you might not get paid for a year…

if only i hadn’t gotten paid then i would still have all the storj i earned and they would be worth way more than they was when i sold them.

its not a storjlabs problem its a crypto currency problem and it will be resolved in less than a year or max 2… and if not then i’m sure StorjLabs will consider jumping to another chain…

tho that was why they picked ETH in the first place, so who is to say it’s not just going to be the same old story once again… jump to a new crypto currency while then gets to popular and has problems because of that.

i feel your pain, i don’t see any true solutions…

2+ years ago I have joined the project to get some money, not to just help someone else earn money instead of me.

Now I’m still doing my part of work.
But storj team doesn’t seem to be really good on theirs side.
Instead of paying in storj (as it was orinally agreed) they offer me some tokens on L2 instead.
It looks the same way as it was when Europeans arrived to America and started to offer shiny worthless trinkets in exchange for gold.

No, I want to be paid as it was originally agreed.
If storj can’t make it, than they either state that or moved their storj token to another network.

I don’t see a single reason why I have to pay for them.

Storj team needs SNO, not other way.

It’s just my 5 cents


But if my employer says they won’t pay me because they keep raising the threshold for payments that sure is their problem. They haven’t even explained why they want to go to a 10% threshold. There is very clearly an agenda to force L2 now.

There are now so many nodes that they probably wouldn’t even care if there was a 5% drop in a single day. Of course if it continued they might start to worry…

If you read the SNO terms basically Storj has the right to change them however they wish.
Your right is to leave. That’s it.

Care to share a link to backup your accusations?

Storj hasn’t posted the video or I’d gladly link to that. They claim it wasn’t recorded.

In the same meeting they stated average node life was 9 months. Now, if you combine the average of nine months with the proposed structure for L1 (by using @BrightSilence earning calculator ) - it means the average SNO would never get paid on L1 - ever.

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I’ve been running my node for almost a year and I haven’t gotten a single payout… I’m happy to support the project because I believe in it, but people need to receiving rewards much more frequently… LOL now it’s just a running joke on how much I’ll get. One year equals seven dollars? It’s going to be interesting

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If you believe strojnet.info, for the Storj token in the L1 layer, there are more withdrawals from wallets than it affects them. The node operators are getting rid of them. What does this prove - let those who want to draw conclusions.

It’s not about terms, its about fair relations.
If storj team wants to frak SNOs - it’s theirs choice.
Our choice is if we’d like to tolerate it.

I’m curious to see how storj project will continue to develop with only wale SNOs. For me it seems to be the same as with BTC and other POW crypto -where a network is controlled by a few large pools = no decentralization.

Anyways, personally I’ll wait for some time(as my nodes have already paid themselves off) to see where will it end.
And might be selling storj tokens I have for Cardano as it seems to be more promising than greedy storj project.

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