October 9, 2023, September payouts complete and more payouts announcements

Hello! Payouts for the completed month of September are done.

Standard payouts

First, a reminder that we have had payout rate changes. Please see our original announcement thread and our open for comments thread for more details about these changes.

For layer 1 payments, we paid 2,731 unique wallet addresses. There is no specific minimum payment threshold but it appears that for standard payouts, the pipeline was able to pay out for people who earned $3.58 or more.

For zkSync Legacy payments, we paid 1,027 unique wallet addresses. Thanks to everyone who helped us keep fees low by adopting zkSync! As a reminder, last month, we announced that zkSync Era and Legacy adopters now receive a 3% bonus.

zkSync Era

This payout cycle was our first payout cycle using zkSync Era. Hooray! We had 70 unique wallet addresses receive transactions over zkSync Era. Thank you for volunteering to help us try this new technology! Like zkSync Legacy, zkSync Era adopters received a 3% bonus.

If you were one of the zkSync Era adopters this payout cycle, please tell us how your experience was!

Now that zkSync Era has been successful (at least as far as we can tell), we plan to sunset zkSync Legacy in the coming months. We intend to start paying storage node operators who have opted into zkSync in any form over zkSync Era in the near future, though we will probably go a few more pay periods before we do. If you haven’t tried zkSync Era yet, the usability over zkSync Legacy is much improved!

If you want to specify willingness to use zkSync Era sooner , you can do so in a similar fashion to zkSync, by modifying your wallet features configuration. The wallet features value is an ordered list and can include multiple values. Here is how you would specify preferring zkSync Era to zkSync Legacy, and zkSync Legacy to layer 1 in your config file:

operator.wallet-features: ["zksync-era", "zksync"]

And here is how you would specify it on the command line:


Update on bonuses for Ukraine

Last month, we announced that we were sunsetting the 2x bonus to Ukrainian node operators and instead donating what we would have paid to Ukrainian nodes to a charity like Hospitallers. One reason is that we are concerned that non-Ukrainian node operators are starting to take advantage of this bonus and manipulate the network to do so.

We heard and read all of your feedback, and we have updated our thinking. For nodes that were active in Ukraine during the February 2022 payout period, we will continue the 2x bonus until February 2024 payouts in the month of March (Six additional months). We hope additional notice and time helps soften the sunsetting of this bonus. The remainder each month will be donated to Hospitallers.

Satellite retirings

Just a reminder that last month we retired two Satellites! Europe-North-1 (12rfG3sh9N…@europe-north-1.tardigrade.io:7777) and US2 (12tRQrMTWU…@us2.storj.io:7777) are no longer active, and payouts were closed out for them last month. There will be no more payouts for these two Satellites. They have now been removed from the trusted list (https://www.storj.io/dcs-satellites).

Make sure to see these instructions for how to instruct your node to forget about these two Satellites.


Across all layers, we paid 3,803 unique addresses. As always, if you have more questions, please make sure you’ve read through our mega FAQ.


Thank you very much, this is only true for old operators.

Hi ,

i’ve received the payout in my zkSync Era, but how to transfer it to my Binance address i’ve added?

You should be able to see your zkSync Era funds in https://portal.zksync.io/, and transfer out to layer 1 with the bridge at zkSync Era Bridge | Transfer funds between zkSync Era Network and Ethereum Mainnet. There is a growing ecosystem of things you can do while remaining within zkSync Era, but I expect it’s a small set, considering STORJ token was only just bridged in the last week. Does this help?

i freshly received some STORJ at zksync Era (v2), thanks!

Now, at:

in order to send that STORJ to other Era address (fee $0.16 in ETH), or to an exchange, or to Ethereum L1 address (fee $0,35 in ETH), it wants me to have ETH on zksync Era mainnet address.
It says "Insufficient ETH balance on zkSync Era Mainnet to cover the fee "
and the fee is $0.16 in ETH right now for Era to Era transaction.
Same at zkSync Era Bridge | Transfer funds between zkSync Era Network and Ethereum Mainnet
I’m surprised, i thought i would be able to pay with STORJ.
(been told here, it should be possible) but it’s not :frowning:

i have some ETH but at L1 address, so just like with zksync Lite (v1) i have to add funds first (ETH)? in order to be able to move my freshly received STORJ’s anyhere from here, hmmmm.
That would make Zksync Era (v2) to be as useful as zksync Lite (v1), (where you had to transfer funds from L1 to Lite mainet too, the activation). Anyone have idea whats the cheapest way to withdraw my 6 STORJ from zksync Era now? Thanks!

I may have made an error by entering a receipt address for a binance deposit, which may not be this address. Now I can’t touch them.

Oof, this was a big enough problem with zkSync Legacy (which I guess is actually called zkSync Lite now), that they had a system called Alternative Withdrawal that allowed you to trigger an L2->L1 transfer on the same address, even if you didn’t have the key for that address.

I don’t see anything about such a feature for zkSync Era. It might be worth asking the Matter Labs support team.

Thx, the Alternative Withdroaw says the account is not visible. I will not deal. I have watched when I have to.

On zkSync Lite you may use STORJ tokens to pay fee, include activation fee and transfer fee.
Perhaps on zkSync Era it would be possible too, but right now the Bridge suggesting to use ETH.

The mentioned Alternative Withdrawal is for zkSync Lite, I did not find the similar function for zkSync Era (yet?).
I believe @jtolio is right

I had some early success and managed to add $10 eth from binance to zksync era.
More sucess as storj was paid into zksync era too.
Then I tried to withdraw to L1…first it took 24 hours to complete

and nothing appeared at L1

Any idea where I went wrong?

Perhaps time to ask the Matter Labs support, their block explorer shows transfer to L1 but nothing appeared on the destination address. And also there are two transfers for some reason - to zero address and to the actual address.
I did check several other transactions, seems they always transfer to the zero address and to the destination L1 address the same amount. But it’s weird that tokens are not appeared already.

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For anyone looking to convert between ETH and STORJ on zkSync Era: I created a liquidity pool on SyncSwap

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No response to email and I can’t connect to their discord (android app)

Has anyone successfully withdrawn zksync era storj to L1 ?

I found another attempt but with the same result zkSync Era Block Explorer

it not suggests anything, it DEMANDS, to pay fee in ETH.
it’s major disadvantage and downgrade from zksync Legacy (v1),
Coz can’t move my STORJs now, if fee cannot be paid with STORJ.


im sorry more details:

i conencted to portal.zksync.io with WalletConnect to my Ledger Live desktop wallet

it sees i received 6 STORj on Era, but can’t send it to L1 or even another Era without adding ETH to zksync Era mainnet for fees. STORJ Leaders was making expressions like it would be no problem to pay fee with received STORJ, but it’s not the case as i can see, are my STORJ stuck or they will make fees able to pay with tokens do You know?

Also its say’s something about changing “network mannually to zkSync Era in my Legder wallet”, but theres no such thing, its newest version 2.69.0 Ledger Live, and theres nothing such to do…

Paying for fees in zkSync Legacy/Lite can be done with STORJ, yes.

zkSync Era uses a new concept called paymasters, which incidentally also could work for layer 1. We are still working on finding a provider to enable a STORJ paymaster, so zkSync Era does not yet support paying fees in STORJ.

zkSync Era is still valuable given the vastly lower overall fees. On the one hand, zkSync Era no longer has the registration fee that zkSync Legacy/Lite had, but zkSync Era currently does not support paying fees in STORJ until a STORJ paymaster exists.


Understood. I would request to not phase out zkSync Lite until that is sorted.