Odroid-xu4q board for SN

Does anyone tried to use odroid-xu4q board for node?

For price of $49 you get:


The USB3.0 ports on this one are a bit “wonky”… I always had problems with them when I owned one around 5 years ago. I would rather recommend buying an odroid-HC2, it has the same processor but you can connect your hdd to a real sata port.


I’ve had a node running on an Odroid-N2 for 6 months - no problems at all.

what is success rate on this hardware?
have you compared it somehow to raspberry pi?

I have a RPI4 node too - both 64bit OS.
There is very little difference in the success rates - what difference there is, is due to other factors, luck, lines of magnetic flux, latency, solar flares etc… not the performance of the HW :wink:
One thing I have noticed is the Odroid just purrs along with no fuss… but the RPI4 cooks in its own juices - you need a decent heatsink or the thing will burn up.