Old account free tier downgraded


my account was registered before the downgrade of free tier to 25gb. the announcement says old accounts will not be affected and will remain at 150gb but my account is showing “Storage Limit per month: 25GB | Egress Limit per month: 25GB”. has the policy changed again?

also how can i change the email associated with my account?


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You need to file a support request for the default limits reset.

Since you are a free tier account owner, the Storj Support will not proceed your request to change an email, unless you add a payment method to your account (either a CC or STORJ $10+) accordingly our Terms of Service | Storj.
Please note, your default payment method will not be charged unless you would have a usage exceeding your free tier coupon, so if you within a free tier limits it will cost you nothing.

If you do not want to upgrade to PRO, but want to change an email address, then you would need to download your data back, delete all data and access grants then file a support request for account deletion, then register with a new email and upload your data back.

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Check if the shown limits are really applied or if it is this display issue:

We just recently had a discussion about that:

thanks for your help nerdatwork @jammerdan @Alexey

it seems i am stuck as i do not have access to my old email account anymore so asking for a change even if i were a pro user would not be possible.

read through

seems i will have to wait for a time when it is allowed to change the email from within the account itself.

as for the downgraded limits i cannot open a ticket as i suspect i will get a reply on my old email account? guess i will have to use the storage and see if the shown limits are really applied or if it is just a display issue.

You should be able to see it from the coupon value under “billing”. It should state

Free Tier Coupon (Legacy)

$1.65 off

Then you should be all fine I think.

It would be possible, if you still can login to your account.
You may upgrade it to PRO and this will open a personal support and also your limits would be upgraded to PRO either automatically (for CC payment method) or by request (for STORJ $10+ payment).

yes, but you can see responses via web too.

i’ll wait & see before contacting support as my coupon value under “billing” does state “Free Tier Coupon (Legacy)” as suggested by @jammerdan. i guess i’ll know for sure once i go past the 25gb/month mark. thanks guys :+1:

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so an update -

even though my storj account says it is a legacy tier account i am getting a bandwidth limit error at 20gb when i should be having 150gb. i am getting a “BandwidthLimitExceeded: You have reached your project bandwidth limit” error in rclone even though I have only ~20gb in the storage.

i tried contacting support but they need me to contact them from an account created with the same email address but i cannot do that as i do not have access to that email so basically i am SOL.

there really should be an option to change the email address from within the account itself. that is how many other websites do it.

Well, most sites send an email to the one they have and ask for approval to change the email, or in some cases allow the receiver to reverse the changes.

If we allowed someone to change their email with no previous email check, it would be the first thing a hacker would change, locking you completely out of your account.

I believe if you had a CC on file, they could potentially validate your identity that way as well. But strictly free accounts, not much to work with there.


true but here i cannot even contact support from within the account itself.

also despite being a legacy tier i am restricted to 25gb, that should at least be fixable without needing any verification as that is a storj error.

We already explained how it can be fixed - add a payment method and your account limits will automatically get upgraded to Pro Account limits. All you have to do then to avoid getting charged for usage is go into your project settings and use the sliders for storage and egress limits and adjust them down so that you cannot accidentally create usage in excess of what can be covered by your legacy free tier coupon ($1.65 worth of usage.)

As mentioned before by others, you won´t get charged if your usage is within the limits covered by the coupon which you already stated is the legacy free tier coupon. I don´t see any reason why you would not resolve the issue in this manner.

if a user needs to give payment method just so he can use what is promised (but not delivered) aka 150gb free then what assurance i have that i will not be charged for something else once i add a payment method. then i won’t even be able to contact support because i can only do so from my old email.

Theres really no such promise they can change this at anytime. 150gig was a bit much for a free account and was abused an so it forced storj to put in a new limit which I also got gotchad and had to delete data to stay below the 150gig mark and getting charged. Google has changed there free storage many times over as they see fit, and well that means so can storj. Storj needs to make money and well they cant make money if everyone can make free accounts to get 150gig and that was pretty much unlimited. The fact that you dont have access to the same email sounds a bit fishy as well so maybe you were also taking advanage of this?

nothing fishy. i used a temp email address (my stupidity totally) to test whether it was truly 150gb but i never got round to actually using/testing it till last month. then last month i did a whole setup and found that it was restricted to 25gb

This usually means your up to no good though, you understand that right? Most scammers make temp accounts to scam people. Say you wanted to make 20+ temp emails to sign up for storjs free 150gig accounts…thats 3TB of space you get free.

i don’t know what scammers do as i am not one. i use temp email addresses when signing up for new services which i am not sure of. i’ve tried a few cloud storage services which did not live up to their promise and whenever i sign up for a new service with my proper email i always noticed a uptick in spam so now i use a temp email before changing it to my gmail if i am satisfied. i did not do it this time so it’s my fault. i will stick to my google drive ig.

Google drive is 15gigs storj is 25gig why not use the 25gig free account to get some more free storage? Sure its not the 150gig but its still more then googles.

it is 25gb storage & egress, no? so if i keep rotating files that effectively is 12.5 storage & 12.5 egress (approx). whereas google drive is 15gb with no limits on egress i think.

I think if you download too much on google they will hard cap you at some point. As for storj I havent really kept track of usage so that im not exactly sure.