Old account free tier downgraded

It’s 25GB on both, not in total.

With Gmail you have endless email addresses. You could use username+storj@gmail.com for example. By default all those would just go to your inbox, but if you get spam you can just block that email address. That way you don’t run the risk of losing access to accounts.


It’s 25Gb storage plus 25Gb egress. But up to you if you rather have less available on Google Drive. You could also read the billing section of our Docs if you were interested to find out exactly how usage charges are calculated. Also please note that if you would rather not receive our newsletters or other emails it is easy to just unsubscribe. No need to use throwaway email addresses.

oh, i did not know that feature. that’s handy thanks.

i will do that thanks. guess i will try adding a CC and seeing if it is easy to set a limit which is simple to understand because i was just reading there are some other limits like segments etc so it is a bit complicated and do not want to run up a big bill by mistake.

You may read this section and examples: How Billing is Calculated - Storj DCS Docs