One of my node does not start anymore and say

One of my node does not start anymore and say

2022-02-17T17:16:35.104Z ERROR piecestore:monitor Total disk space is less than required minimum {“bytes”: 500000000000}

However I have 3 TB

Check the path to the storage folder. You might have a drive letter for smaller size partition instead of intended 3 TB.

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yes that it is. thanks

but does this mean i always need 500 gb free disk space?

Not 500GB free, just the drive with the StorJ folder must be at least that size as a minimum.

But this in the end the same
E.g. when I have a 5 tb HDD I can only 4.5 TB allocate to Storj. If 1 byte more is allocated my storagenode will not start again

No, that is actually not the case from my understanding. You just have to allocate at least 500GB of your 5TB drive.

You need 500 GB free space or 500 GB used space or anything in between. The sum of free and used space needs to be above 500 GB. In your example with a 5 TB drive you are way over 500 GB used space.

Above ? You mean below?

If your free space + used space is below 500 GB the error message will get triggered.

Ok. What’s the sense of it ? Due to the node does when it runs as docker images always restarts in this case

There is no point in running a node with 100 GB total space. We better tell these operators in advance that it is not worth it.


I have a 200gig node and its only used 106gigs so far and its made more then Id have expected.
If someone doesnt have alot of space maybe it is?