Online % droping

Hi my audit % are droping crazy

My node sould be online.

anything i can do?

best regards

Your audit score looks good. Was the node offline or not available? Then the online status drops.

You should take a look at your log.

the very recent update downtime might affect online score… especially on small nodes… so if it doesn’t keep dropping then it’s most likely nothing to worry about.
yours doesn’t look like a new node tho…

you can check that your internet and / or ddns is stable.
there is a up to 48 hour delay on online score decreases, so if it is stable beyond that you most likely just had downtime…

oh ok nice to know… if checkt via and yesterday there was a downtime 2-3 hours…

yeah im running the node since october 2019

Any % downtime last month shouldn’t be shown in this new calendar month. I noticed for me this new month hasn’t reset to 100% but still 99.98% due to last month few mints reboot.

That’s because it’s a moving window of 30 days. There’s no reset at the start of the month, otherwise you would be immediately suspended if you had 1 hour downtime at the beginning of the 1st day of a month.

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