Online score for europe-north-1 on 1 out of 3 nodes is 0%

Hello team,

could you please help me to figure out if some action have to be done in next situation:
I’ve a Ubuntu 20.04 with 3 nodes running in docker containers on the same PC

  • One out of 3 nodes shows to me that online for is 0% for the last 4-5 hours (both Suspension and Audit are 100% on same satellite)

  • For other satellites Online (as well as Suspension and Audit) is 100%

  • Moreover 2 other nodes shows all 100% numbers

  • ping from host is ok, in container it seems no ping executable present

Could you please advice how to better troubleshoot such behavior as there wasn’t any changes on the router which may block particular port for particular address and before today there wasn’t any issues.

looks like you are blocking some traffic, most likely a firewall or something like that.

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Strange but I didn’t anything related to firewall last time. Moreover availability started increase yesterday without any changes and now it’s 50%. So I can assume that something happened on the route but it’s really strange. May be restarting the node also helped but it’s hard to correlate due to time lag of availability. In any case it seems back to normal again.

Are these brand new nodes? I could be that you only had 1 audit that you failed for whatever reason, and thats why you have 0%. Time will fix that