Only 1 audit in first 2 days of node operation

I set up a new node 2 days ago and it only has been audited once (by the asian satellite). It has been online 100% of the time.

Logs look normal to me and node’s running the latest version.

Is this cause for concern? My other nodes had a quicker start receiving audits…

my node is up for almost 2 days now, it has 3 audits. I think its normal, i read that it takes about a month to get ~100 audits.

That is true, but with my other nodes I’ve seen more audits in the first days…

There was less data on other nodes back then, so your new node had a bigger piece of the data pie. The more data your node holds, the more audits you’ll see. This process will speed up over time. It’ll take a month at least though. But you’ll see that you get much more audits near the end of that month compared to the first few days.

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Something strange happened, its only been 3 days for my node but now it have 113 audits :smiley:

Yep, that’s from the new saltlake satellite! I got 129 now, but the other satellites will still need their time.

On new sattelit small amout of data, so it chech it better