Only 30% - 40% of my ingress adds to total

Hello and thanks in advance to all of the kind people that help on this forum.

I have been running a node for about 8 months.

Around August I was vetted and my ingress from September onward is consistently around 400 GB. HOWEVER, the total amount of data I have stored does not go up by 400GB every month as I assume it should. Here is the data I recoded by hand at the end of every month from my dashboard:

end of October: Reported Ingress: 400 GB, Total data stored .86TB
end of November Reported Ingress: 410 GB, Total data stored 1.03TB
end of December Reported Ingress: 380GB, Total data stored 1.2 TB
end of January Reported Ingress 390GB, Total data stored: 1.36TB

So basically my node dashboard says I bring in 400 GB each month but only between 30% to 40% of that is actually added to my node.

Is this normal? I am I doing something wrong? What might cause this?

I’m running my node on windows with a LAN cable. I was CPU mining on the same machine but I stopped doing that for a month to see if that was the problem but that didn’t change anything

Again thanks in advance.


This is normal because customers don’t only upload and download data, they also sometimes delete some of their files. There is no way to predict when a customer will up or download or delete files, they will do it whenever they need to for their use case.

At this point it looks like some months new data reaching your node is just about sufficient to replace what has been deleted, and during others you have gained more data than lost from deletes.


exactly what heunland stated.

for comparison, here’s a table of my figures going back to Aug 2019, with TB used, Delta TB used between months, and ingress rate (TB/month). You can see that there’s always a disparity between the amount of data that came in and the amount of data my stored TB changed by. Also, notice Sep-20, Mar-21, Apr-21, and Jul-21, where my total stored TB actually decreases…

Month TB Used Monthly TB Delta Ingress rate (TB/month)
Aug-19 0.000 0.326
Sep-19 0.202 0.202 0.157
Oct-19 0.349 0.147 0.800
Nov-19 0.604 0.254 0.510
Dec-19 0.971 0.368 1.005
Jan-20 1.384 0.413 0.655
Feb-20 1.622 0.238 0.768
Mar-20 1.680 0.058 1.433
Apr-20 3.919 2.239 5.811
May-20 7.134 3.214 3.703
Jun-20 9.069 1.936 2.822
Jul-20 10.887 1.818 2.380
Aug-20 11.895 1.008 1.145
Sep-20 11.806 -0.090 0.460
Oct-20 11.976 0.171 0.897
Nov-20 12.506 0.530 0.822
Dec-20 13.380 0.874 0.630
Jan-21 13.804 0.423 0.385
Feb-21 13.924 0.120 0.472
Mar-21 13.765 -0.159 0.540
Apr-21 13.582 -0.183 0.309
May-21 13.583 0.002 0.674
Jun-21 14.417 0.834 0.479
Jul-21 14.372 -0.045 0.409
Aug-21 14.413 0.041 0.449
Sep-21 14.754 0.341 0.478
Oct-21 14.838 0.084 0.476
Nov-21 14.963 0.125 0.415
Dec-21 15.156 0.193 0.379

So what you’re seeing aligns exactly with what was stated…deletes occur all of the time, not all data is stored long term.