Partial loss -- any way to force a backfill?

So the drive I had my storj blobs on was failing and was able to get about 3/5 of the data off before it died. Is there a way to backfill the missing data via repairs, etc so the node just isn’t disqualified for being “mostly” ok?

Considering your tag I am surprised you asked this question. The simple answer is, you need to start from scratch with a new node. You can keep this node up till you are DQed from all satellites but there is no way to “repair” your lost data.

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I had hoped in the time since I started operating a node, that “feature” might have been added. Guess I’m starting over again - ugh.

There was no such “feature” ever advertised or hinted to be on the roadmap.

Sadly you do have to start over but make sure your new drive isn’t SMR. If money is not an issue then you can wait for Seagate’s HAMR drives.


Losing 40% of data is massive when it comes to Node’s health.
I lost 5% of files once and the Node barely survived by sheer luck, mainly because it was not that old and was rapidly filling up at that moment, so 5% of lost files became 4%, then 3%… My audits dangerously went down to 70%, stayed pretty unstable around 70/80% for weeks and then slowly recovered. After several months, it still fluctuates between 90% and 99%…

StorjLabs never considered a repair feature because it would cost too much to SNOs.
Operating a node is a risky job ^^


The problem was actually a failed drobo – not a single drive – I was able to move 60% of the data before turning it off/on again to unlock it resulted in a total raid failure.

Its fine – I’ve just started over as I was only a couple months into a new node after a previous crash corrupted the sqlite files on the drobo (which are now on the local ssd drive – see thread So Long And Thanks for all the Fish) where I had previously had a node going for almost 2 years :frowning: