Payment August + July

Hello. I have not been paid from all of july earnings.
And still missing August payment.

Whats the limit to be paid? In june i was paid 47 tokens.
Maybe My earnings was not enough - just seems Weird.

Any inputs? When Can i expect august payment?

Thanks in advance!

Once the announcement will be made that payments are completed, you would have received the payment, provided it clears thresholds. It usually happens within couple of weeks in the beginning of the month

I understand. But Why did i not get paid last month? Whats the limit? I dont belive i use zsync

have a look at this:

You shall enroll into zksync. Not only there are no thresholds but you also get 10% bonus.

If you did not opt-in for zkSync, your undistributed amount is a subject of Minimum Payout Threshold on Ethereum: it should be in 4 times greater than a transfer fee for ERC20 tokens: 11 Gwei | Ethereum Gas Tracker | Etherscan

By the way, all calculations in USD, not tokens, your undistributed amount is converted to STORJ tokens only on sent date. So the Minimum Payout Threshold is calculated in USD, not tokens, too.

Something is not right. I earned over 10 usd in both July AND august hav have not had a transfer since 5th of july. Its above the threshold No?
Is the threshhold pr. Node or pr. Wallet?

The payout is not finished yet. You will see an announcement here, on the forum, when it will be finished.
The Minimum Payout Threshold is per wallet address. It calculated per batches and may vary.

But How is the payment not finished for july month? That should have been paid in August correct? Is both payments not finished or only the one covering August?

Are you sure, that your node is finished the GE in July?
You may give me your NodeID and I can check its status.
Because if so, it would be in the Payout History for August and in the Held amount History for the satellite in question (except EUN1 and US2, they are not sent the held amount yet to anybody).

Sorry but Im not sure i Follow. I have not done GE - My nodes are still doing very Well and i dont want to exit😀

A node id you Can check out:


Sorry, I misunderstand you, I thought you are talking abount GE for some reason, but well.

You have received both payouts for July and August already. I sent TXs to you.
However, you might check that on your dashboard, too.
Open Payout Information → Payout History, and select the month in question and expand any satellite, there would be a TX link. However, for the August payout information we need to wait until it will be finished for everyone.

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