Payment less than what dashboard showed

I received payment today but it was much less than what I had in dashboard, it should have been about 44 $ but I got + STORJ 152.37220419 + USD 29.13, this does not seem right
node is about 13 months old so I think it should get full payment without anything held

any ideeas ?

I think your total is missing a held back amount not all satellites are 13 months old.
How big is your node?

My node is 15 months old

My node is 12 TB full at the moment and im planning to add more hdds in raid, i thought that after month 10 nothing is held from payment

No its only on the satellites that are that old. Its per sat not per storagenode.

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Please, open the payout information for the month July, it will contain a held back amount

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44 * .75 = 33
Hey, Storj, where’s his 4 bucks? :wink:
Oh, noooo… Europe-North sat. is 4 months old. And still 50% held. So what this missed 4 bucks.