Payment missing! PLEASE HELP!

I’m using the GUI windows version. My storage node is only 2.3 TB, I earned around 9 dollars for October but received only 2.67 dollars. What is the issue and how can I get my payment back?

I recently bought a UPS worth 100 dollars for the node, I’m going to setup another 2 TB node in few days and I’m even planning to setup 10 x 10 TB node (10 x 1 bay NAS) in few months (next year).

Please help me, Thank you.
(sorry for bad English)

Check your node’s age in the payout information especially Held Amount History. It seems you are paid 25% amount.

My node is 11th month old and the 9 dollar earned for October is not showing in the payout history!

Use this to check last month’s total

I’m using the GUI windows version, do I have to stop the node to avoid corruption of the database? And where exactly to run the script, in the storage node folder?

Yes its better to stop the node and copy the database to another folder. In this new folder you can run the script.

The script is not working, am I doing something wrong? By database what exactly do I have to copy in the new folder? Check the screenshot please.

the script is working

Yes, you most likely are simply double clicking the script instead of providing the DB path + desired month to display

How exactly to provide the DB path + desired month to display? By editing the script?

No need for that. You just run the script with the 2 parameters (“path to DB” and “desired month”:

python /path/to/storj/data 2020-07

I’m a noob! I’m don’t know anything about command line or python. How exactly to run the script with the 2 parameters? Can you please post a step by step guide for a noob like me, Thank you.

Click the Windows start button, type “cmd” and press enter - this should open a command line window

then you type in the following and press enter again:
python /path/to/storj/data 2020-07

Adjust the /path/to/storj/data and 2020-07 according to your needs.

Its not working, am I doing something wrong?

Do you have python installed ?

That node has 0 GET and PUT traffic. If the node was offline for a month we don’t send the payout including used space. I am not sure if the storage node dashboard can deal with that.

Yes he does, you can tell from the file association in his first screenshot.

When running “python” you have to be in the folder that contains “” or you have to specify its location like so:
python C:\users\NS\MyPythonScripts\ D:\Storj 2020-10

I’m sorry for late reply, I fell asleep. The latest Python from Microsoft Store worked. Check the screenshots below!

For October, I earned 9.44 dollars, 2 dollars was held back, the payout must be 7.35 dollars but I got paid only 2.67 dollars!

I also noticed that September payout is incorrect! Because of the COVID-19, I was busy with my full-time job that why I did not noticed this issue. Its this month when I got paid only 2.67 dollars that I realize this issue!

For September, I earned 12.75 dollars, 3.65 was held back, the payout must be 9.33 dollars but I got paid only 7.02 dollars!

Please help me to solve this issue, Thank you.
(I’m sorry for my bad English)

So one issue is having alot of unsent orders that failed to send.

Other issue is The time of transfer of storj to your wallet and depending on the price of which it was sent could effect the amount it ends up to be.

But you should check your unsent orders folder and see if you have alot of unsent orders that may have failed, which is why its showing the wrong amount.

If you have alot check this post here A lot of unsent orders

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I’m using the GUI windows version, how can I check the unsent orders folder?

I’m a noob! I’m don’t know a lot about crypto or programming. STORJ Team might be struggling to fix issues, bugs, etc. But STORJ Team must sent notification to storage node owners if many unsent orders are failing. I found this very unprofessional!

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Check where you are storing the data for the storagenode there should be a folder named orders, then unsent.