Payout date? for each month

hi guys does anyone knows the payout dates? for each month? this is my first month and am wondering when i will be able to see the payment?

Payouts usually can take up to 14 days to go out.

Don’t worry if you don’t see anything in the first week or so of a new month (Their are a still a few manual checks they have to go through before payments go out i think!).

If you’ve not had anything into your wallet after 15-20 days then drop support an email and they can check things out.

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Congratulations on becoming a SNO (Storage Node Operator) :sparkling_heart:

Payouts are made for previous month in the first 2 weeks of current month. An announcement is made when payouts are done for everybody here

If you are still missing the payment please email support at with your wallet ID and node ID. Happy Storj-ing! :slight_smile: