Payout distributed but not received

nice one!!! very funny!!! :slight_smile:
I thought that I explained it very clearly. But apperently it wasn’t clear enough.
I was talking about the way the payouts got changed.
Previously everyone got paid every month, no matter if you earned only 2$ for example for that month. That is why it was good to split the storage between several nodes/disks. For redundancy. If you have problems with an hdd it will affect only a small portion of what you had. 1TB hdd/node earned you very small amount of money per month. So you lose only that small sum of money. So I went in that direction. However, now(actually few months ago) StorJ decided they will pay you … actually I don’t know how much you have to earn to get paid, the calculation depends on variable factors. But I have over 20$ from months and I still can not receive them. Probably I need at least 50. Probably 6 more months or an year, depending on the calculation of the variable factors. That is why i think they will find another excuse to raise the bar even further to let’s say 100$. But as I said I need to make use of my old HW and unfortunately, there is nothing better on the horizon utilizing HDDs. :slight_smile:

The Ethereum got changed. To pay $2 you need to spend $10 on fee.
If you use the same wallet for all your nodes (as per Node Operator Terms & Conditions), they would accumulate all payouts and can clear the threshold.
The threshold is calculated very easy - take 4 times of avg transfer fee for ERC20 from there (it’s calculated for each payout): 17 Gwei | Ethereum Gas Tracker | Etherscan

Doesn’t seems right. Please, check your dashboards and take a look on how much undistributed payout do you have.
The minimum payout threshold in June 2021 for all previous periods was around $10: June 4, 2021: Payouts for the month of May are complete
Of course you will not reach a threshold if you used a separate wallet for each your node.

You always can opt-in for zkSync and receive your payout independently of Minimum Payout Threshold on Ethereum.


As you can see from te screenshot I did not get any transaction in the past 6 months and more:

If you were right about the 10$ payouts, then I should have definetly received something but as you can see, I haven’t:

Maybe … something is wrong in my configuration, is that what you are saying? Only I have the problem with payouts?

This is for range from January 2021 to June 2021.
If you open TXs and click on USD sum you would see an estimated USD sum on date of TX.
The remained ~$3 is below the minimum threshold even for June

I don’t understand you.
As you can see i have acumulated quite a lot more than 10 $ for the past 6 months(Jan to June 2021), but I did not receive any transfer. If you are saying that I somehow have to earn more than 10$ per month to get a transfer … that is impossible with 2 or 4TB drive/node. That shouldn’t be right, because as far as I remember the minimum requirements for a node are 500GB. And with 500GB, you will never get over 10$ earned just for 1 month. I am 100% sure of that. Because my 2nd node is 750GB and it has been on the network for more than 6 months and hasn’t earned me more than 0.5$ so far

Please, compare your wallet in the node’s configuration and what are you checking, I have a feeling that they are different, or you opted-in for zkSync.
Just click the View on Etherscan button (or View on zkScan if you have opted-in for zkSync - if you are, you will see a green checkmark and text zkSync is opted-in) on your dashboard in the Payout section

You can also see every transaction to your wallet in the Payout History under each satellite for each period on the Payout Information > page.

What do you see in “Distributed” has been sent to the specified wallet either via L1 (Ethereum) or L2 (zkSync).

Your numbers looks quite low, perhaps you have a lot of nodes behind the same public IP.
Because mine 780GB node has earned much more for the same period

Here is my payout history for May, but as I already showed you, I have nothing transferred to the wallet in the past 200+ days

Please, select April 2021, expand any satellite and click on TX link

but why April?
I was using zksync then
at least that what i think and I received a transfer then in zksync … aaaaa I think i got your idea. You are saying that everything that piled up till April got trasnffered in the April transfer using zksync. And after April, when I stopped using zksync, I pretty much started from the begining. Yes, you could be right about that. OK so lets see in about 1 2 months, I should definetly have above 10$ and should get a transfer to my Binance wallet if you are right, thanks!

Because it is the last time when your nodes received distributed payout.


I just hope that you have not sent the payout via zkSync to Binance deposit. Because in this case you does not have a private keys and to withdraw tokens from L2 you would be forced to use an alternative withdrawal, which could be paid only in ETH and costs much more than if you have private keys.

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Exactly!!! I wrote it somewhere in this forum in another thread. I lost about 10$ because no where in the instructions of using zksync, no one wrote anything about L1 and L2 addresses. Or maybe it is my fault that I missed it somehow. It doesn’t matter, I learned my lesson.

If you are right, I will receive a transfer to my Binance address next month or in 2 months. I am not in hurry, but waiting for more than 6 months is bad. Thank you very much for all the assistance and the provided information.

So… not on this entire page?

Especially the warning here:

General advice

Always control your private keys to your wallet.

While it may be convenient to use an exchange address for your storage node payout, it’s always safest to use an address for which you control the private keys. If you opt to use zkSync, you definitely want to use an address for which you control the private keys. Withdrawing your funds from zkSync is designed for use with wallets for which you control the private keys. If you use an address from an exchange or for which you otherwise don’t have the private keys, you will be required to trigger an emergency withdrawal process and this will be significantly more costly for you.

Or here:

After opting-in for zkSync payouts for STORJ payments, gather your ETH address and private key, navigate to the zkSync Wallet (, and connect your ethereum account. If you have problems accessing your wallet, you might want to change your payout address to an address that you can access (for which you control the private keys).


Supported Wallets: zkSync supports WalletConnect, an open source protocol for connecting decentralized applications to mobile wallets. The protocol also supports hardware wallets like Trezor/Ledger and software wallets like Metamask, Fortmatic, Portis, Oper, Dapper, Lattice and Torus.

These pages are all part of the docs that guide you through the setup process. I don’t think documentation is the issue here…



I just saw this on my node:

What is the minimum payout for June? I think Alexey mentioned that the previous minimum payout was 10$ … I now have over 10$ and I haven’t received a transfer.

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So I have to save more. Maybe next month or in 2 months, hoping it doesn’t jump to much.