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You are a bit too late to complain about that one. It is explained here:

Yes a translation is needed :smiley:

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I will redirect that to our level 2 support. At the moment it is hard for me to find the time to check it all myself. Worst case I have to do it myself later this week.


@BrightSilence fantastic bug report, thank you! Having details like that makes it so much easier to dig into problems.

I tracked down your bandwidth and payment data on saltlake, and you are entirely right: there is a clear discrepancy. The reason for it is that that satellite is having some innocuous-looking database trouble which is causing queries on accounting data to take absurdly long. This means that it is way behind (from what I understand, weeks or months) on processing the bandwidth claims submitted by storage nodes. In the case of your node, the payment system was only able to see the bandwidth usage up to April 8. That’s why the total get bandwidth reported was so low.

The good news is that you’ll still be paid for the rest of the bandwidth used, once the system processes it. We hadn’t noticed that saltlake was behind at all in order processing, so thank you for letting us know about the problem and about the need for some more monitoring checks in that area.

I’ll also be making a ticket on our internal Jira to rearrange the way we store pending bandwidth claim data, so that this should stop being an issue.


Thanks for the quick and detailed response! It’s good to see it will be fixed automatically, though at the cost of some held back amount, since it will now be paid out in the 50% held back period instead of 75%. :wink: So I guess that’s only good for SNOs then. A delay is better than a miscalculation, so I’d say this is good news. I guess this satellite has been pretty busy over the past few months. Catching this stuff on saltlake I think means it’s doing its job. :+1:


sort of makes me feel alittle better that it’s not only my server that cannot keep up with the network lol


thanks @thepaul for the response, its much appreciated :slight_smile:

Time for a new update, here are my findings.

During payouts the STORJ value fluctuated quite a bit. As a result etherscans estimates were all over the place. I used 0.14 instead, since that was what it was actually hovering around during these payouts. Unfortunately I can’t be exact without the exchange rate used for the actual transaction. I kindly ask to include this in the databases with a future update.

Let’s start with held amount payouts. It looks like this confirms what I noticed earlier and the returns for held amount actually happen in month 16, not in 15. us-central-1 paid out the held amount in month 16 and stefan-benten in month 15 did not.

Next up, Saltlake payout is higher than expected. This includes compensation from missed payout last month.

So, last month I missed 1.96 in payouts. But to make it complicated a different held back percentage applies this month and there was a surge payout last month. This month I got 2.63 more than expected.
My guess is that surge is not applied to this correction (Which… I don’t care, just want to know what happened) and 50% held back is applied (instead of 75% last month). Based on last months numbers that should be 4.90*50%=2.45. Close enough.

I was lucky enough that this node still had all separate payouts this month. But you can see how doing these checks would be much more complicated without that. Please include exchange rate and STORJ amounts in the dashboard (and API/node databases), so we have a complete picture.

I’ve started 2 additional nodes during May, but they don’t have significant enough income to warrant a deep dive. Additionally, most of their payouts were actually merged into a single payout, so can’t really do these exact checks.


  • Only one significant “issue”. Payout of 50% held back amount is happening with the payouts of month 16 instead of 15
  • Please include exchange rate and STORJ amounts on the dashboard, API and node databases

Thank you for doing this work to simply the SNO’s overview of the payouts…

I totally agree that this process in being able to manually verify the payment data from logged data from node or otherwise… is a critical point both for good measure / transparency / trust

all in all it all boils down to (TBm + Egress)*surge = payout

i wouldn’t want to dig through it all, but would be very nice if my external logs easily could also verify the node numbers and payouts… which is why i started logging it … or i did and then i broke my OS and didn’t get it finished yet… ofc right now i’m getting like 4$ payouts… so difficult to really feel cheated out of anything lol

the 15 vs 16 is just a matter of how you count… if its after 15 months or if you count 0 then you will end up at 16 ;D

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Pay is LOW. That is a fact.
We can’t even afford the gasoline for the lambo.

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If you can afford a lambo why you here?


Since the entire held back system starts counting at 1 for the three held back periods (1-3, 4-6, 7-9), I’m going to assume the payout should follow that same counting system. Btw, after 1.6.3 the web dashboard counts months in the exact same way the earnings calculator does. So yeah, what you’re saying may be the reason the satellites are doing it wrong, but it’s still wrong. Though, I think you were joking here anyway. :wink:

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Bought a lambo and told everyone, was hoping to be able to resell it for more, you interested? i’ll take sjcx.

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Right on track for getting rich and successful I see. Or are you… :laughing:

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Count on that… xD
apparently i cannot count to 20, which is stupid anyways… why does a post have to be 20 symbols, that has to be yet another limitation on my freedom of speech…


It’s a minimum requirement of speech! Though you usually don’t need that. :wink:


stuff gets complicated real fast… lol but yeah i really should try to use my time better…
been working on a nice post about HA setups…been like 95% done for like 12 days now… tsk tsk… took me long enough also…

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We don’t support freedom of small speech here. You must have at least something minimal to say to have this right.

We are a storage network overall, the more bits the better.


May I ask where did you see those details? Im also new to this storage node and wondering where i can see or monitor my payout. Thanks

Welcome to the forum @arkisto!

Take a look here.

thank you very much sir for the info

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