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Hi Node Team,
I need help with payout, I have been running my node for about 2 months now and when I started I used a Coinbase Etherumn address which I own but I haven’t gotten any payout. I was wondering if it is too early or I need to change my wallet address to an approved Storj option? & whats the easiest way to change my wallet address for Linux-Docker and Windows?

Another question I want to run a third node on a new Linux Vm seems my Linux is making more, can I use the same email address and can I use another port such as ****69 as 67 and 68 are already taking with port forwarding?

Hi @rohnrob,

  1. There’s nothing wrong with using a Coinbase Ethereum address as long as you haven’t opted in to zksync (L2) - It’s not recommended in case Coinbase withdraw support for STORJ tokens.

  2. Payouts on the standard Ethereum chain (L1) require a minimum threshold to be reached. You won’t have met the threshold the last 2 months -
    September 7, 2021: Payouts for the month of August are complete - $51 minimum
    August 4, 2021: Payouts for the month of July are complete - $15 minimum

  3. You can change the wallet address in the config.yaml or in the docker start command. Only the latest wallet address at the time of the payout run will be used (assuming the minimum is met)

  4. You can and should use the same email address for all your nodes - this is mentioned in the node operator terms and conditions - Node Operator Terms & Conditions. You will need to generate a new identity for each node you want to run.

  5. Yes, just port forward the next node on the next public port.

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Appreciate your answer Stob, thank you!

If you are using an exchange address for receiving payouts, please be very sure to use the actual STORJ deposit address and not their ETH deposit address. If you used the ETH deposit address then this would be the reason why you do not see the STORJ in your account even though it was deposited to that address. The only thing you could do in this case is file a support ticket with Coinbase to ask them to please credit the STORJ that were sent to the wrong deposit address to your STORJ balance in your account. It is unlikely they would actually agree to do that though because they have clear warnings on all their deposit addresses cautioning against depositing other tokens. This is also one of the reasons why we do not recommend using exchange addresses for payouts.

On the other hand, if you are not opted in to zkSync that would also explain why you have not yet received any payout, if the total you earned so far fell below the payout threshold.

haven’t received a payout yet $1.13 is the most I’ve ever seen, also not using zkSync

Ok so unless you opt in to zkSync, it is unlikely you will see any payout in the next few months.

Ok understood now, what service are you using for wallet may I ask?

not sure I follow, there are a lot of wallets available you can pick from, if you are referring to zkSync, you can see some options on and we also recently partnered with numio which you can use for both L1 and L2 transactions, see Numio <> Storj Partnership, there is more info about setting up payouts here

thanks heunland I will take a look a decide

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