Payout June 2020

Hi all
Question to june payout. I got 357.61940956 Storj

After calc my 5 Nodes with and after deduction held back i think i shoul get $ 77.4142

If this is correct the calculated Storj price was 0.21647. But at the time of payout (11h 20min from now) it was only 0.19 so i should get 407.4431

This is not realy realy much difference but i like to know whats happen with my calculation.


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You may want to wait until the payout info is sent back to the node so you can compare with that data. For what it’s worth my payout was around 1% more than predicted. Part of this may be that Storj Labs has switched to using 720 hour months instead of the 730 average. That technically means we get paid a little more for storage now. :slight_smile: I’ll update the earnings calculator to reflect this soon.

Anyway, when the payout info is reported back it’s going to be a little easier to compare which number is actually lower.

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Look at the transaction on etherscan. Under “Tokens transferred” you will see the $ value. Tomorrow this value will be clickable to switch between current value and value at time of the transfer.

“At the time of transfer” shouldn’t be taken too seriously unfortunately, it’s pretty inaccurate from my experience. I’ve seen that value deviate quite a bit from the actual value at time of transfer. It’s an ok indication, but especially on days with heavy fluctuations, it can’t really be trusted.