Payout question

I know about gas prices and recent changes in storj payout. What’s the threshold now? I received last payment in December, which makes me wonder is this really how it should be…

I think the standard payout threshold hasn’t been announced yet, but they’ve settled on the payout needing to be at least 4x the transaction fee if you want to estimate (market conditions make this a bit variable right now). If you want faster payouts, StorJ now supports zsync:

I believe signup/registration for zsync is still shell based as it was just recently released. I haven’t switched over yet, but my understanding is that everything seems solid. @Alexey can likely provide more details.

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You can enable zkSync in your storagenode: ZkSync Payments - Storj Docs to be paid independently of minimum threshold on L1.
The withdrawal fee from L2 to L1 is comparable to usual L1 tokens transfer, but you can pay it in STORJ instead of ETH:

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Thanks for answers… So it seems that for smaller SNOs like myself, it barely makes sense to be one… If I “earn” 4$ per momth, it would take half a year to reach those 24$. Meanwhile it can be so, that after those half year it will be 50$ already… This whole business model is kind of questionable then. It looks like it’s not worth to run small nodes

Even as a smaller SNO you can opt in to zkSync.


And he would just pay most of his storj as fees if he ever wanted to move them to L1.

The same if he receives so small amount via L1, but need to pay fee for transfer in ETH, rather than in STORJ in case of L2 → L1.

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I don’t dispute that Alexy but @binary was already indicating he didn’t feel his income level justified the node for him. @littleskunk indicated he could sign up to zksync but if he ever wants to use the storj outside L2 it doesn’t avoid the fee problems in any way so I find the recommendation somewhat misleading.

For most newbie is important to have trust. Since operator didn’t receive any payout yet because of low income, it would be difficult to trust the system even if other members will assure them that system is working and StorjLabs pays to Operators.
So, the L2 could be solution to build trust - the Operator will receive a payout every month, and can decide when he want to withdrawal.
It’s also the answer on many claims that we accumulates payouts in USD instead of tokens, when price on token could grow up (it’s obvious that it can go down, and then this is much less desirable, but not everyone can understand that these are two sides of the same coin): people can now opt-in for zkSync and take this market risk if they want.
Of course it will not reduce fees for transfer. You will pay fee this way or another. But now it will be obvious: even if you have your tokens you do not want to move them because of high fee. So, no difference - is it L1 or L2.
The difference could be when we will see exchanges accepts L2 deposits.


The downside is it adds to the complexity - which is also not a good thing for new players. particularly those of us who need to use metamask to actually use it in the first place or get yet another wallet.
I’ve been on storj for less than 6 months. I had a couple of nodes going in Omsk but then we moved in December and I wanted to change the structure so I didn’t bring them up again and started fresh. I have less than one storj sitting in my wallet but zksync does nothing for me personally to promote trust in storj.

Because you are not newbie :slight_smile:
You have already received at least 1 STORJ, so this has proven to you the reliability of the system and built trust. You can be sure that you finally receive your earnings independently of chosen network - L1 or L2.

Actually, I haven’t. I’ve received about 30% of 1 storj so far.

I started a 16TB node about 2 years ago that I built exclusively from literal garbage. Server from garbage, Hdds from garbage, ram from garbage.

$65/mos is my average, I held most of my storj so I’m +$900 usd, and have $2000 in storj.

It works, just be patient.


I think I’m around 8TB filled, which is $25-$30/month, and I’m also using a recycled computer. I did buy some Black-Friday drives though, so I’m going to pretend they need to be paid for by the Storj project, which should happen in the next 6 months.

So yeah, it works, just be patient :slight_smile:

I reached my first mini milestone this week by breaking my first 500GB stored.
I might even make $1.00 income for the month - but that will be before held back is applied.
At current rates of ingres I should make 750 GB filled shortly after the end of the month.