Payouts ASAP to get low fees

Today transfer fee is super cheap, but BTC is breaking up and rizinth, ETH will folow, then TX feese will rize.

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I hope you know the accounting takes nearly 5 days before payouts begin.

it is always up to Storj how and when they do it.

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The first 2 days we lose because storage nodes can submit orders up to 2 days later and they would still count for the previous month. On the 3rd day, we need to wait for rollup to run. It might run at the end of the day. This means the 4th day is the first time we can be sure the payout will be accurate. If we run it earlier we might pay you less money. This has technical reasons and is not an arbitrary delay.


Thank you for clarification, it is very important to know.


Sadly, exactly as Vadim thought Etherium ERC 20 gas fees exploded shortly before Storj processed the payments. If it had been just two days earlier even I might have been paid. lol

I am curious as to why storj gives themselves up to two weeks to process the payments at the end of the monthly cycle. Littleskunk’s explanation addresses 4 days of that time period - but not the other 10.