People to participate in a currently UNPAID community experiment

I have set up a test network and am trying to see if real nodes can join so for this experiment you will need to make a new node the same as the official test network says DON’T USE PRODUCTION NODES

if fails try port80

Then report back thanks guys
It may not work but i would (and the community if they would like a tutorial to run a community satellite) would like to know if it does

the satellite url is
If port 10000 won’t work try 80

Also once this satellite is working well i plan to make it paid (one got nodes and users)
I also aim to test paying ingress only (if it works i will keep it that way)

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This is not enough, you should post it with the SatelliteID.
You also need to post the version control server or you must follow the Storj updates.
See Please join our public test network for details, what should be published.


Try to setup a test one first! You can use the current authority to sign the SEPARATE UNIQUE IDENTITY for this network. This would be enough to help author to test his setup.


Thankyou @Alexey i will add that will it work temporarily atleast with out version server up to or not

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The format for the satellite is SatelliteID@hostname:port there should not be any https:// or http://. The communication protocol is DRPC

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Ok thanks i thought so changed my post

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Can you explain it in more detail how to do it? Do I need to get a new authorization token from Storj or do I need to do something else? I really did not pay attention to how the identities work after setting up my node.

Do you remember making your storage node one of the first steps was Identity generation I am almost certain that is what he means

Simplified -we essentially need to setup a new storage node it’s almost the same except where you write storagenode for identity write storagenode2 instead then do the config mod mentioned by @Knowledge
Also knowledge and or @Alexey could you verify this is the process

This url should explain setting up a second storage node


And once second node is configured


But change the satellite url/address to the ones above for my test satellite(in the first post)

My question is do I need to get authorization token from Storj (like I would if I wanted to starta new node hat would work with official Storj satellites) or do something else.
It would be kind-of weird if you had to get authorization token from Storj to run a node that only works with community satellites.

I think
that Alexey means make a new identity and use it unsigned the modification you will make to the second storage nodes config will allow this to work

NO, never reuse anything. You can’t use an old token to sign, you should never use an old identity.

For a test satellite you should set it up like the satellites on test-net are set up so it doesn’t require signing at all. So the steps for nodes to join would just be to create a new identity and that’s it.

For a production set up, you should provide your own ca, signing service and token generation.

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I thought they needed no signing but what did Alexey mean does he mean the satellite Id because I thought the same about the key reuse but am unsure what Alexey means

@Alexey I know in signed will work but what did you mean about using current authorisation

He mentioned the current authority, referring to the Storj hosted certificate authority that issues tokens. You could use that, but it doesn’t make a lot of sense since it means you are trusting an external party.

What he was suggesting is requesting a NEW token. Not using an existing one. But in my opinion your test set should just skip signing altogether. Depending on how you set it up, it might already be skipping that step. But you’re the one who set it up, so you probably know this better than me. You could also just try setting up your own node without signing the identity and see how it goes. I assume you’ve set up nodes for this sat? Might want to share more of the specific steps to begin with.

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I am using storj Sim and it produces 10 nodes and identities but with the config mod knowledge said about yes unsigned should work actually I think they are unsigned I shall check
The files in one of my nodes
Would these look Signed based on amount of files or not I am in sure

ca.cert config.yaml identity.key stderr.log storage
ca.key identity.cert orders stdout.log trust-cache.json

Probably not, but you can’t just assume the numbered backups are there with the test net. Check with this.

I doubt storj-sim would use signed identities. It’s meant to be used as a kind of throwaway setup for testing software with the Storj network. Wouldn’t really make sense to go through the effort for that.

Based on that they are unsigned
So unsigned nodes should almost definitely work aslong as you modify the file knowledge said about

I suggest you go through the steps you’re expecting others to do and create a step by step guide. You can use the test-net guide as a basis. I don’t think it’s very complicated at all, but you’ve kind of provided incomplete info and leaving others to figure it out.

I was thinking of modifying knowledges guide for there test sat would anyone mind if I change it to be applicable to my sat

Is the satellite running? I get connection refused trying to connect to port 10000 and timeout with port 80.

Also, please be aware that if you set up storj-sim with the default 10 nodes, the erasure coding settings will provide very minimal protection against data loss. I believe you need to create it with at least 100 nodes for similar erasure encoding settings as on production. Of course if enough other nodes have signed up you can change the erasure coding settings manually.