PEOPLE You want customers? DO THIS

PEOPLE You want customers?
JUST sponsor some Youtube creators?
get Your marketing together!

Imagine how much publicity can 1 Youtube video do with 30-60k views, how about thousands of them?!

Youtube creators have to backup and keep somewhere videos source content right? its a problem!
Give them free backup lifetime!
No more “where to put all my videos” trouble!

All that in exchange for introducing storj to the viewers once and small mention in every next video with logo and link, i don’t know, think it out with Your marketing team, how to make best of it,
You NEED publicity, You had none! don’t waste Your time for forbes!
Saw what nordVPN did? they were everywhere! remember?
Go organic! Go social!


Great idea. Unfortunately is there still a lot of tooling missing, which makes tardigrade not so easy to be used for non-tech people.


Yes I think you a correct. I also wondering if Storj has a marketing team ? Usage is very low

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