Performance got worse?

Please check this out (streaming):

This is an older upload via Filezilla: fireplace | Tardigrade

No. of pieces: 1840
Performance streaming: Very good

This is the same file just uploaded via Gateway: 123 | Storj DCS

No. of pieces: 23496 (!!!)
Performance streaming: Bad, constantly buffering, stuttering and laggy

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Both links seems to stream just fine for me…

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Unfortunately not for me. The first one streams very well, the second one very bad.

Edit: And why does it have such a ridiculous high number of pieces?
Also uploading was very slow for the gateway.

For me, the tardigrade link downloads at 11-14MB/s while the storj dcs link does 2.5-3MB/s

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both are pretty slow for me although both steamed ok. Downloading both files is not blazing fast.

The first link is shared through the Gateway hosted in Europe.
The second link is shared through the Asia Gateway - it is expected to be slower if you download it from another continent.

The higher number of pieces is due to using a smaller part/segment size for upload. If you used the new web-based file browser, it is currently configured to use 5MB part size. This is suboptimal. With the next deployment, it will be reconfigured to use the optimal 64MB part size.


So as user I have to make a decision now? Especially for sharing use cases this is not so optimal.

That is probably going to work much better.

Before we had only one linksharing service - hosted in Europe.

Today, we have 3 - in US, Europe, and Asia.
So, we have 3 different sharing endpoints for your file:

So you can pick the one closest to you.

Sure, this is a choice to make. But is it really worse than before?

If you need a true CDN solution, you can try our integration with Fastly: Fastly | Storj DCS


Now with the EU-link it is running much much better.

But why am I offered the ap-link only? Wouldn’t it make sense to inform the user that there are more regions available he can use the link on to get best performance from?

Is your account on If yes, then offering a share link on ap1 might be a bug. Could you attach some screenshot?

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No I have the account on ap1, so it is fine. But there was no indication that I can use the share with additional regions as well.
Especially for sharing use cases it would be vital to pass a link with a good performance.

Ideally, we would have a common proxy URL that will redirect you to the closest linksharing endpoint, but we haven’t wired the infrastructure yet.


That would be really good, yes.


just tried both the links from OP
worked fine for me, started up right and way and just ran…

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Streaming video from the built-in player on the page is significantly slower on seeks for the DCS version for me as well.

Edit: testing the

EU version, it is slightly slower on DCS than the original Tardigrade link, I might be imagining it but it seems slower.

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@storgeez thanks for the details and context
@SGC its great to hear that you were able to get started so easily

got some shared proxy stuff upstream, so i cannot exclude it was cached in that…

This link is to the file that was uploaded with 5MB part size. Smaller part size affects performance.

You should compare the Gateway performance to the very same file. Here are the links to the file with the optimal 64MB segment size.

Old Tardigrade Gateway: fireplace | Tardigrade
New EU Gateway: fireplace | Storj DCS

You may still see some slight performance differences as the Gateways are hosted at different data centers.

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