Permit to customers to pay in standard currencies (without exchanging for cryptos)

Hi Storj, Storj Community, today i would like to submit a proposal regarding customers payments for storage. I am not familiar with Storj customer side, because iam SNO, so maybe those aspects mentioned are already covered. I would like to suggest to let customers pay for our storage service with standard currencies if it’s possible.

Customers to be able to pay with standard currencies if they want :

  • No crypto wallet mandatory requiered, no mandatory crypto management.
  • Automatic monthly debit on credit card according to customer consumption.
  • Automatic monthly debit on bank account according to customer consumption.
  • Possibility to deposit funds in standard currencies on secured account via credit card or bank funds transfer with transfer reference code.
  • Customers could pay in standard currencies to Storj, Storj will continue to pay SNO with crypto (tokens) to keep Storj ERC-20 token functionnal and fully alive.
  • Ability to pay with intermediary payment platform (Example : Paypal)

As Storj is decentralized storage, i suggest to setup this feature for customers enabling more payments facility and more confidence into going on Storj storage, keeping entire possibility for customers to use crypto-currency method to keep decentralized benefits.

Best regards to Storj and Storj Community.

there is no mandatory crypto payment, you can also connect a credit card to account and pay with it.


To add what @Vadim has said, maybe it would be a good suggestion to put that info that payment can be made by fiat and that no crypto is required for payment on the pricing and/or sign-up page.


You will learn that as soon as you would try to add a payment method.
You can use CC and/or STORJ tokens.
There is a difference: with STORJ tokens you have a 10% bonus, but with CC you have not.
In case if you have multiple payments methods (include coupons), your account would be charged for usage above your current free tier in this order:


But then you are already registered.
The suggestion as I understand it is to put it on a page to inform potential clients before they register.


fair enough. I forwarded this suggestion to the team.

However, I do not see there any mention how you would pay?

Thanks you for this information, as i understand customer can pay by credit card, is there a system in place for :

  • Automatic monthly debit on credit card according to customer consumption ?
  • Automatic monthly debit on bank account according to customer consumption ?
  • Possibility to deposit funds in standard currencies on secured account via credit card or bank funds transfer with transfer reference code ? Or maybe buy coupons ?
  • Intermediate payments platforms like PayPal or others ?

I would like to suggest to communicate strongly, inform and setup all this features as i think it could be very usefull for professional customers that are not paying with credit card usually (companies) (funds transfer between bank accounts at least). Thanks for all your answers. Have a great end of weekend.

Yes, it’s. So you need to have a enough balance on your card or your account would be frozen and then - deleted.

Using a CC is not an exception, your company can use CC in most cases.

It’s communicated via email used for your account (so do not use a fake one :wink: )

Hi Alexey, hope you well !
Yes, companies could use CC, but for large scale companies, could you please study the fact of paying via bank transfer maybe ? At world wide i think bank transfers are most commonly used into regional currency that’s only my own feeling, but maybe you could have statistics on this or ask customers arround the entire world. I know that setup will require some work to setup bank transfer ids and process Storj side (maybe it could exist solutions with payments majors like Visa or Mastercard or others as usual). It could exist bank transfer method for paying or deposit funds as you know that companies policies and rules could be complex and i repeat, mostly, for large scale companies. Do you have studied usage of PayPal or other intermediary serious payment platform also ? Thanks for all, best regards to Storj and Storj community.

You can conclude an agreement with StorjLabs and I think you can do so.
The credit card just a simple way to reduce all frictions.

However, I do not think that using a PayPal would be possible at this stage.
However, stay tuned! Storj Blog

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So maybe communicate more and more as this information about concluding agreement with StorjLabs, could be maybe difficult to get for a customer on a modern cloud model, as it would be i think very appreciated by customers, especially petabytes and more customers. Could you ask Storj for communicating more about this possibly existing feature, maybe do a “pros” mention on website and display that agreements with StorjLabs is possible for more than 0,5PB for example (it is just my own idea number of PB) ?
Thanks for all ! :wink: .

I thought it’s obvious. But OK, I let them know!

Please note that most of our enterprise customers are getting onboarded with personalized guidance from our sales and solutions engineers teams, including informing them of all the payment methods and plans available to them, including Bank transfers and credit cards, as well as invoicing including all the legally required information like VAT Number and full company address on the invoices as needed. There are few enterprise customers who plan to store Petabytes of data that would onboard by just directly signing up for an account through our website, without having had personal conversations with our Sales and Solutions Engineers to make sure all their needs are met to their satisfaction. We are already using a large established payment processor for all our billing.