Petabyte class SNO

That is indeed how it works.

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No. All my nodes are behind one ip address therefore I never ever get more than one part.
You need to lose lots of parts before any data is lost.

So your post -in which you didn’t cite anything- referred exclusively to kollo saying you get more shards. A simple citation would’ve made that a bit more obvious.

Because erverything else he pointed out was just right.

There is no evidence of this. From what I can tell a lot of SNOs running nodes at home see success rates of transfers around 75%. There are a few in unfortunate locations who see lower success rates for sure, but the alternative is not data centers, it’s other distributed nodes with lower latency. And if customers spin up in areas where those nodes with low success rates operate, they would see more action as well.

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I’d love to see some confirmed statistics on that. It would likely be a good question for the next town hall.

I think there is a whole thread here on the forum somewhere regarding SNOs success rates - perhaps one of the mods can point you to it