Photos+ use and feedback

Hi everyone,
first of all I don’t know if this is the right place to talk about this but I figured that since Photos+ is now a partner, discussing their platform on this forum shouldn’t be a problem.

I was quite excited when I read the storj newsletter since this is the kind of app I have been looking for. Installed it but then I found it really hard to use.
I didn’t have any problems connecting to my storj bucket however when trying to add an album in the app it took forever, like 5-10 min for an album with less than a hundred pictures. Then the app crashed multiple times forcing me to start all over again.
Uploading was also weird, it looks like every time I take a new photo I have to manually add it to the album in the app and then when I want to syncronize it reuploads all of the pictures.
Overall the app is very buggy…
Did anyone else give it a go ?

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