Please explain the parameters in config

In the config.yaml file there are some parameters as follows:

storage2.max-concurrent-requests: 5
storage2.max-used-serials-size: 1.00 MB
storage2.min-upload-speed-congestion-threshold: 0.8
storage2.min-upload-speed-grace-duration: 10s

I don’t really understand how they will affect the download and upload speed from my node.
Can someone explain to me what it means if I set the parameters like above.
I should set the parameters as much as is appropriate.
I am currently running my nodes on a Windows 11 Pro computer with a bandwidth of 300Mbps.

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@BrightSilence @Alexey Please help me

Are you talking about a node or sat config if node storage2.max-concurrent-requests would limit the amount of requests you try to handle at the same time now i may be wrong and i can’t help much with the others but you may need a pro such as alexy when he is next online

Check the field description here:


Before creating this topic I read the description of each parameter very carefully but I don’t really understand how they work. The description is really not clear.
Can you explain each parameter in detail?

I am talking about windows gui.
Do you mean storage2.max-concurrent-requests: 5 means my node only agree to 5 file queries at the same time right? Does this apply to download or upload from my node side?
Can you explain to me the remaining 3 parameters?

# a client upload speed should not be lower than MinUploadSpeed ​​in bytes-per-second (E.g: 1Mb), otherwise, it will be flagged as slow-connection and potentially be closed
storage2.min-upload-speed: 1 MB

That is, if the client requests to upload files <1 MB, will my node reject those files?

# if the portion defined by the total number of alive connection per MaxConcurrentRequest reaches this threshold, a slow upload client will no longer be monitored and flagged
storage2.min-upload-speed-congestion-threshold: 0.8

What does 0.8 mean? What is its unit of measure? And what should I set this parameter to?

# if MinUploadSpeed ​​is configured, after a period of time after the client initiates the upload, the server will flag unusually slow upload client
storage2.min-upload-speed-grace-duration: 10s

What does this parameter mean? I don’t really understand.

@Erikvv Can you explain those?

Please note - the usage depends on customers, not parameters.
I would recommend to do not touch these parameters at all.

It will cancel upload. This is useful when the customer have a low upstream bandwidth, and if the transfer speed is lower than 1MB/s to your node, this transfer likely will be canceled by the customer anyway, so you can cancel earlier to offer your bandwidth to more speedy transfers from other customers.

this is a portion of MaxConcurrentRequest for alive connections. For example 800 alive connections, MaxConcurrentRequest is 1000, the congestion threshold is 800/1000 = 0.8, so if alive connections more than 800, they will not be monitored on slow connection speed.

The storagenode will wait this time before flag slow connections (and cancel them).


Thank you for you help!

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