Polygon/zksync to USD/XMR

While it is awesome that Storj is exploring various ideas to get around the high gas fees of L1 ETH, being on the cutting edge has me bleeding. Or at least puzzled about how to convert my L2 tokens into something not on the ETH chain.

My primary goal: Avoid a L1 transaction fee.

Secondary goal(s):

  • Move tokens to kraken
  • Move tokens to XMR

Accomplishing either secondary goal would be awesome but I want to do it without taking a L1 hit.

zkSync seems to be the hardest because it has such a small ecosystem. Anyone know an exchange/swap/wallet path to accomplish my goals?

Polygon seems to be in a better place because it is actually listed at several exchanges and it looks like I can just use my Polygon Web Wallet to send directly to my Kraken deposit address. Anyone have experience doing so?

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Kraken doesnt support polygon as of right now so I wouldnt send it there. Ive only tested binance and crypto.com that I know of that supports matic on polygon.
Just remember just because it says it supports matic doesnt mean it supports it on polygon always double check before you send matic to any exchange that says Matic if it doesnt say Polygon network its not polygon.

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sideshift.ai and fixedfloat.com both accept matic(polygon) and will exchange it for most major coins.

This is an important clarification. Thanks for providing it.

Further entertainment that no one has provided a way to off-board from zkSync!

Well most are probably waiting for zkSync 2.0 - it its suposed to be live on public testnet soon. As that upgrade plans to introduce a lot of changes. Most ‘big players’ like exchanges likely wait on how that upgrade goes, befor deploying there infrastructure.

Also there are some ways (zigzag, orbiter.finance are the ones I kown) to withdrwal ETH for little more than L1 ETH transfer fees. But those are new, alpha version or based on trust. So Do your own research and don’t take this as recommendations.