Poor download performance when downloading with uplink


I always thought of an S3 gateway as a simple wrapper for uplink, leading me to conclude that, in general, one should expect uplink to be faster when downloading.

However, I did some tests recently with a bunch of files all totaling 1GiB in size and on my 250 Mbit/s connection the files were downloading at about 25 MiB/s from the Storj-hosted S3 gateway using rclone. I was impressed at that speed, but quickly disappointed when I switched to using uplink with rclone, as the speed was only about 2 MiB/s (I saw similar performance when using uplink directly, that is without rclone).

Does anyone have an explanation for this?



PS I’m new here so I apologize if I’ve placed this in the wrong forum.

it is because uplink working single thread only, it not support multipart download and downloading pieces one after another. no parallel download. S3 browser have parallel upload and download but it makes sence only in Pro version as in free version it is 2 threads in parallel download or upload, and this works even worse than uplink.

It can though, if you use the transfers and parallelism parameters. Have a look at this: Node operator can be a business? - #37 by Dominick

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now i will ask you one silly question, why there is not a word about thin in documentation, I searched it all today to find this. People suffering not from bad product but from bad documentation, no one will search it here, documentation is the main source of this data.

Like this page in the docs?

I went to the main docs page, clicked ‘large file transfers’ and then the third link.

OK now i fount it, I searched about Uplink but,
there is spoken about how to do it with Rclone and in the middle of it few words about uplink,

so it is Bad documentation
It shold be separate thread about uplink, and all docs shold be there, that people don’t need to search it all over the web.

./uplink.exe cp sj://cakes/storagenode1.log o:\storagenode2.log --parallelism 10
I tried it like this, and it maximized my 500 Mbit connection


created an issue for that

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