Port Forward... Is TCP only enough?

Hi there,
Setup my first node and what the dashboard is currently showing me is something like this…

Storage Node Dashboard ( Node Version: v0.19.7 )


ID           1BLAHyblahaBLAHpp3aBLAHVzuBLAHMsLhBLAHblah
Last Contact OFFLINE
Uptime       32m18s

                   Available     Used     Egress     Ingress
     Bandwidth       32.0 TB      0 B        0 B         0 B (since Sep 1)
          Disk        9.0 TB      0 B

Bootstrap bootstrap.storj.io:8888
External  my.own.domain:28967

Neighborhood Size 100

I currently forwarded the port for TCP only. Is UDP used?
Should I allow also the UDP protocol?


Hi @itnok
Just TCP is enough, storage node not using UDP


Your node is offline, please, perform this checklist:


Thanks for the quick reply Alexey!

Was all my fault! Created the rule to punch the hole in the router, but did not activate it…
The node is now online as expected.

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