Port forwarding new computer

Morning all,can anyone tell me, iv just setup another computer to run storj, can I use the same port 28967 like my first computer or do I need to open another port.i did look at topic but could not see what I was looking for.many thanks

you can use same port on pc, but externel port on router must be unic and then you need triger it in NAT. But my best practice i always make unic ports in hole system, then there is less things to mess.

Here’s one way of doing it (for docker setup):
-router port forward (external) port 28968 to your node’s IP and port 28968
-docker redirect port 28968 to port 28967 inside the docker image (-p 28968:28967)

You can’t have multiple nodes using the same external port.

basically each outside port can only be routed to one local host, so for each host you make you will need to open / route a new port from the internet side into your designated host on your lan.

you can find a guide at documentation.storj.io

Thanks all for your help