Port Forwarding questions

  • How can I check to see if my port forwarding is working or not?
    If your port is OFFLINE, you can try a service such as https://www.yougetsignal.com/tools/open-ports/
    The IP and port should match what you set.
  • What are some other issues to check for?
    – Make sure your firewall isnt blocking your port.
    – Make sure your IP is static or that your have a properly working DDNS
    – Check to make sure NAT - Port Triggering on your router is configured correctly

Also make sure your router has a public IP address. That usually requires you to put your ISP provided modem into bridge mode and passing the public IP to your router. I know AT&T with either fiber or DSL requires this.

Also, be sure to add the port into the windows firewall.

Click windows button
Type: Windows Defender Firewall (do not select “Windows Defender settings”)
Select “Advanced setting” on the left-hand menu
Select “Inbound rules”
Select “New Rule…”
-What type of rule would you like to create?-
Select “Port”
Click Next
Select “TCP”
Select Specific local ports: [Enter the port assigned from Storj]
Select “Allow the connection”
Click next
Make sure all boxes are checked
Click next
Name: [Storj Name you desire]
Click finish

Run a port checker to see if it’s open.

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