Possibility of running node on vps with 512mb?


Will 512mb of ram be enough to run a stable storj node on a storage vps running ubuntu/debian , and it will has a 1TB HDD ?

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You can try and report back :slight_smile:
However, I would not recommend to rent the VPS, you will not have a ROI.
Please, read their TOS more precisely.
You can take a look on


Definitely reply back if you try this, I’ve been considering using the Nanopi Neo LTS with the SATA kit as a low power/high-efficiency node, but am unsure how the Neo’s 512mb of ram will hold up.

I have one node that broke 1.7GB of ram usage, but I’m not sure if a lower ram system would just cut back on caching or crash. Additionally, this node isn’t using a standard node config (I’ve modified it to work better with my SMR drives by increasing the ram buffer), and I was running a BTRFS defrag to apply some other filesystem changes (disabling CoW).

With 1TB you can expect earnings of about $5 including held amount. And that’s with a full node, which will take weeks or months. You do the maths…

My node is up and running! I will report back to you guys after a month or two and tell you how it is going.


The Nanopi Neo LTS is so cheap that now I want to try it.
I wonder if it could work with a single external hard drive.

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I would assume so? USB2, but that is still likely faster than most folks internet speed.