Powerloss during vetting

Hello, I’m currently running a new node that is in the vetting phase. Yesterday I installed a plug with power monitoring to check how much energy the disk consumes, but I completly forgot that this plug had configured a shutdown timer at 23:59. So this morning, when I woke up I realized that the storj node was completly off.

Now is online but i have some questions:

  1. My node appears to be online and the Suspension & Audit sections shows at 100% both, but it has been off during 9h. It should be disqualified right? You know how much time it takes to notify this?

  2. If I have to start over, should I create a new identity?


you are not allowed that much extended downtime, especially on a new node…

5 hours is max pr month and more than that and you will get suspended…
suspension will last 1 month, depending on how old the node is, like say if its like a week old… and haven’t had much ingress… like the rest of us …

then might be easier just to make a new node, because it takes a month to get out of suspension, but a week old node isn’t worth the wait…

ofc if you are over the 14 day to 3 week mark… then its almost the same no matter what you do… either 1 month of new vetting or 1 month of waiting before you can get ingress again because of suspension… but since there haven’t been much ingress… i might almost choose vetting rather than suspension… depending on how much of a bother you think it is to setup a node again…

yes you will need to create a new identity for every node you make

downtime will NOT get a node DQ in almost all cases… and i’m not even sure it’s enabled yet… but there will be something in regard to that in the future… but not presently i think

Thanks SGC.

And do you know when I will be notified about suspension? By now, my storj status pages shows as online and 100% success in audits.

you sir are just wrong…

This node is obviously fine and NOT in suspension…

@SGC please reread:


right it was set to 48 hours or whatever not 5 because they are testing… i confused it with the number written in the documentation

my bad

then i guess its a matter of why did he get suspended then
if he was down for 9 hours if it was was set 36hours…checked it then meh details :smiley:
either there must have been existing dt or other factors that came into play…

He didnt get suspended everything is at 100% meaning he didnt loose any percentage. So the node is fine.


In fact, this is shocking for me. Anyone has an explanation to this? Or maybe, as @kevink posted, I won’t see the efectes until the next month?

I’m starting to be a little paranoic about that haha. I’m ready to put a new identity just to be sure that I’m starting with everything in the right place.

don’t worry about 9 hours downtime. people have more downtime due to failing update services on windows :smiley:

there was this guy on the forum the other day complaining about his uptime score…
turned out he ran the computer during the day and turned it off for like 10 hours each night…
apparently that did hurt his score, don’t even think he got DQ… most likely got suspended now that the new code is active… :smiley:

but yeah downtime shouldn’t really hurt you much in almost all cases… if not all

Wrong again… you were JUST linked to it and it’s even mentioned in the excerpt visible here that it’s currently 288 hours of allowed down time. There is no way 9 hours is going to be a problem. In fact with a new node chances are there weren’t even audits during the down time and it won’t be noticed at all.

@xavidpr4 your node will be absolutely fine. Just keep it online from now on. No need to start over at all.

The person you are referring to didn’t complain about the uptime score. I don’t think that score even existed at the time. I don’t remember exactly why he complained, I think it was something related to trash. Which was an indirect result of the down time. The uptime score is still perfect for everyone due to a quirk in the current implementation that causes the score to be perfect for the first 30 days. That release hasn’t been rolled out long enough for anyone to be out of that 30 day period.

I’ve asked this again, but please when you give people advise, check your facts. There was absolutely no need to tell @xavidpr4 to waste time on starting over. If you’re not sure, let someone else help out. It’s perfectly fine to not respond if you don’t know the answer.

i got one number wrong… i don’t think my advice or opinions was that bad to begin with.
i’m sorry that it seems so bad, i don’t really see it tho…

is a bit of a curveball that they changed the documentation recently to say 99.3% uptime because it equals 5 hours a month, if we assume a month is the avg of 30.4 days… so 5hours and then they set the allowed dt to 288…

sorry i got tech dyslexic to that… i mean we have gone from what a few hours of allowed dt to like 100 times that or more… just had to adjust the scale in my head lol

sorry for the confusion

The current requirement - the downtime is not more than 5h per month.
However, the DQ for breaking this rule is not enabled yet.
We redesign the uptime check. And in current implementation it’s 288 hours. It could change when we have results.
Then we probably update requirements (that part usually takes more time due of legislation).