Private StorJ network

My project is to create a decentralized cloud node network dedicated to a profession.
I would like to use a technology like storj, but in parallel.
So that these professionals know that their data is stored only with their colleagues.
Do you know how we can do that ?

I guess you could setup a satellite and then only let certain people store data for it.
I imagine the whole payout part would be useless though. There’s probably an easier way to go to setup a private network.

StorJ is more than you need. Something like File Sync Software - Sync Home | Resilio Sync should be sufficient. I used a previous version of their free offering to sync files between three computers in different locations.

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I think the solution like ceph is more suitable for your case than Storj. You have a trusted environment and do not need to pay to participants. Also encryption is additional overhead.

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