Problems searching for my payouts (August 2020 payouts)


I’m runing 2 nodes that made 0,50$ and 11$ in august,I was expecting the payouts but no payout hav earrived,and I have no acces in both nodes to august in info&estimation

¿anyone with that problems too? I’m sure that my both node wasn’t down for more than 5 hours in august,have the registers in radarbot

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August payout hasn’t been sent yet.


Payouts can take up to 15 days according to StorjLabs.

So everything’s fine as long as we’re not past mid-month :slight_smile:

I did not receive the august’s payment either, it should arrive in the 10 coming days or so :ok_hand:

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Previous months the payouts were really early in the month. I expect we may see some delay this month as a result of payout changes and high gas prices. No need to worry though. Storj Labs has paid SNOs reliably for years now. Your payout will come soon.

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Today payout will be realy good thing for all as gas price below 100 gwei

I’ve just got my payment,and is lower than expected.

¿what’s the exchange rate they’ve used this time?

I believe the exchange rate is updated every 5 minutes during payout. So it depends on when you received your payout. I recommend calculating the exchange rate based on how much you expected to get and how much Storj you received and then determining whether that is in the reasonable range. That’s how I’ve been doing it.