Problems with new node update + held amount + payouts


I haven’t received for 2 month in a row now.
Last month was because of minimum threshold introduction, and i was supposed to receive this month (i think) since it was above the threshold limit with the previous month yet i received zero storj.

$2.25 from December

  • $3.73 from January
    = $5.98 this month

Also held amount isn’t showing to me!

With whom i cant talk about this?

Many thanks to all in advance!

It seems that with the last update to the node erased all the stats of held amount!

I am:
node Asia-east1 at 16th month. No held amount is showing and no payment made.
node Us-central1 at 16th month. No held amount is showing and no payment made.
node Europe-west1 at 16th month. No held amount is showing and no payment made.!

Current held amount history

Many thanks in advance.

I had a similar issue with the dashboard held amount display and clearing the browser cache fixed it.

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Will try your solution. Thank you for your suggestion =)

Hi again,
tried and didn’t worked. Thank you anyway =)

To confirm your node is running version 1.21.2?

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Yes, actually it was after the update to this version that it stopped showing the held amount history.

However, it states how much held amount i have and how much has been paid (was expecting it to be paid this month, but neither held amount neither payout from Dec. and Jan.).

The held amount 50% dispersal for after 15 months, is paid in the payout after the 15th month.

i.e. if you started a node in Jan 2019 then the 15 month anniversary would be during April 2020. As the payouts are calculated at the end of a month the 50% held amount payout would show in the April 2020 earnings for the May 2020 payouts (16th month).

Assuming transaction fees are normal next month you should receive December earnings, January earnings and 50% of the held back.

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On the above 3 nodes this is the 16th month in the network. So, you tell me the held amount is paid in the 16th day of the month, then I should wait for it :stuck_out_tongue:


It is so complicated. It is not time on the network that counts. It is time on the satellite. So you might be due 50% heldback on EU west but be months off on EU north.
This means that your total might be less than the new payment to gas ratio of 4.

Anyway, payments are done. So check again next month.

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Dear Andrew, i was speaking about time on the satellite! Again, the mentioned 3 are the 16th month now.
So as @Stob said, payment will be done (or expected to be) on 16th of this month…

Regarding the payment, I know now that it needs to be above the minimum threshold so and as @Stob said, if gas fees are better next month I should receive Dec. Jan and this month together.

At this moment I have the problem with SN helk history, that is not showing on dashboard.

Thank you.

I’m not sure if you’re joking or not as you put the emoji there, but there won’t be a payment on the 16th day of this month. I said it would be a payout for the “16th month” which sounds like the March payout dates for your node.

Hi there!

Not jkoking, but probably i misunderstood you as I thought you said for the held amount there would be a separate payment.
Thank you for clarifying that the payment will be on march only.

Press the on page refresh button of the dashboard

After refresh

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It is working…
For a moment i thought the history was deleted and I would lost the rewards.

Thank you for your help.