Process terminated

My node isnt’ working so I went in to services to start it manually and see this error when I try: “Windows could not start the Storj V3 Storage Node on Local Computer. Error 1067: The process terminated unexpectedly” Any ideas? Thx

search for logs in program files/storj/storagenode

it keeps repeating this: ERROR Invalid configuration: invalid contact.external-address: lookup “28967” failed: lookup 28967: no such host

Please, specify your external address with port in the contact.external-address: parameter of the "%ProgramFiles%\Storj\Storage Node\config.yaml" file. Use the Notepad++ to edit it.
Save the configuration file after the change and restart the storagenode service

I see what it is. I started my VPN and it blocked it. I’m using openVPN. Would you happen to know what I put int he section prior to the port. I currently have this: I’m also running NoIP

This looks like a valid address. However, this is not a no-ip domain and your port is closed.
This section of the config file should looks like


Nope, that didn’t work. canyouseeme shows 28967 as blocked but my firewall rules show storj as allowed and the vpn service as well.

Not every VPN is working. Only those which support the port forwarding, such as PIA,, ngrok, purevpn, etc.