Q3 2023 Storj Town Hall Q&A

You know… Not everything is around tokens.
Sometimes we need to deal with the old legacy money. This is the exact explanation what is in that so your (only) interesting position.

Not directly related to the tokens flow in my opinion. However, this is the much more open information that should be from the commercial private company, in my opinion, sorry to disappoint you. As I said - no Ferraries here. (I checked).

No. Since no STORJ tokens directly are involved.

Yes, I have to agree, my opinion - we must take a premium from users, who do not want to implement a native implementation, especially when they can.
But. More customers are better, then less… you know…


I see, I think that makes it clearer.
But again some follow up questions, just to be sure there are no misunderstandings:

All lines except line 14 are directly paid in STORJ tokens?
Basically you pay everything directly in STORJ tokens with “others” being the only exception?

I always assumed these lines are paid in FIAT and you included the conversion.

All lines except line 14 are directly paid in STORJ tokens?

Please note that everything mentioned in our Token Balance and Flow reports, including Line 14, exclusively is expressed in terms of STORJ tokens.

There may have been something lost in the translation in one of Alexey´s comments earlier in the thread. To clarify, on Line 14 is mentioned which amount of STORJ tokens are used for general operations related payments and for liquidity purposes.

So in order to pay some providers, we have to turn some STORJ tokens to fiat first, using certain exchanges.


Cheers. This is a “yes” to my question I guess?

It means that there are no fiat values listed on any line in the Token balance and flow reports, including line 14