Question for a friend

A friend of me had a storj node running for some time but because he had to move it was offline for some time and got disqualified.
Now he is settled in and wants to run his node again, is there any possibility for him to start again after being disqualified?

kind regards!

Hi Jaap75,

Unfortunately there is no coming back from disqualification. Your friend can start a new node, but they will have to start fresh with a new identity. Do you know how long it was offline for? Currently disqualification due to downtime is disabled, but I’m not sure how being down for an extreme amount of time (weeks or months) would effect a node beyond just a reputation hit.

its mostly been test data thus far anyways… so nothing lost there, ofc all the time is wasted, but if he wants to run a node, try powering up the old one… see what it says, if it cannot be fixed then simply start a new one…

not much different from starting a whole new node, and odds could be that the old one will just spin up just fine… storj is after all just getting started, so they want to incentives people to becomes SNO’s