QUIC Miconfigured

Good afternoon,

Yesterday I had some problems with my pfSense router that led to me having to restore the setting. As part of that, I lost my Port forwarding rules(For some reason Firewall rules were still there, but Port forwarding wasn’t, but that’s another story). Regardless, when I got back online my node is reporting as a misconfigured QUIC. But I’ve readded my port forwarding rules, and as far as I can tell my router should be good.

I’ve checked the log, and can’t see any error messages, and I’m continuing to get traffic. I’ve checked the port open website and it seems to think it’s okay. Any ideas? As a side note, I still have port 4000 open. I think that might be a remnant of an old version, is port 4000 still needed or can I shut it?

Thanks for any help!


Have you restarted you node since the port forwarding rules were re-added? The node only checks QUIC on start-up, so a node restart might do it.


… Okay. I SWEAR I restarted it yesterday. However, I decided to humor you and restarted it again. It’s fixed now, thank you!


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