RAM is running full at unRAID-Server with Docker-Images 1.56.4

Hello team,

I have an unRAID-Server running and with the latest Version of 1.56.4 the RAM of it is constantly running full with the crash of the system at 100%. Is there any way to downgrade to 1.55.1? If I switch the source to a later version it is Version 1.56.4.



Hello @Walter1 ,
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As I said in your other topic RAM läuft mit neuer STORJ Version 1.56.4 und das System friert ein, the high RAM usage is result of slow disk subsystem.
Since you use NTFS under Linux it will be so, it’s not depends on the storagenode version, Linux just slow with NTFS and uses more RAM than required. The more data you have, then more RAM will be used. The only solution is to migrate to ext4. Unfortunately it’s not possible to do in place safely. So, you need to have a ext4 disk to migrate your data with this guide: How do I migrate my node to a new device? | Storj Docs

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