Raspberry Node does not start


last week my SD in my raspberry node (running round 12 months) is broken…

Now, i want to start a new node with a new SD and new identity. But it does not work and i need help.

I use THIS guide.

  • System is Raspberry Pi OS Lite
  • Port forwarding is set
  • 6 new identity files are on sd (home/pi/storagenode)
  • harddisk is shown with df -h and /mnt/storj/storagenode is created
  • docker is installed (Status: Image is up to date for storjlabs/storagenode:latest)

docker run command:

sudo docker run -d --restart always --stop-timeout 300
-p 28967:28967
-e WALLET=“xxx”
-e EMAIL=“xxx”
-e ADDRESS=“my-ip:28967”
-e STORAGE=“3600GB”
–log-opt max-size=50m
–log-opt max-file=10
–mount type=bind,source=/home/pi/storagenode,destination=/app/identity
–mount type=bind,source=/mnt/storj/storagenode,destination=/app/config
–name storagenode storjlabs/storagenode:latest

sudo docker logs --tail 20 storagenode show:

2020-12-20T08:09:16.092Z INFO Operator wallet {“Address”: “xxx”}
Error: Error starting master database on storagenode: group:
— stat config/storage/blobs: no such file or directory
— stat config/storage/temp: no such file or directory
— stat config/storage/garbage: no such file or directory
— stat config/storage/trash: no such file or directory

Create missing directorys? I don’t think so.

You missed a setup step - https://documentation.storj.io/setup/cli/storage-node#setting-up-the-storage-node
it’s a new step and specific documentation was not updated, I published a new version now.

The first thing which I would recommend - move your identity to the disk with data. Either identity without data or data without identity are useless - you need both identity and data anyway.
In case if disk would die, the identity will be disqualified anyway. But as was in your case - if the system disk died with your identity, you cannot use remained data and forced to start from scratch if you do not have a backup of the identity.

By the way, did you make a copy of your previous identity? If you have it, you do not need to start from scratch.