Raspberry Pi 4 HD expansion/migrate question

Rasp Pi 4, 4gb with 2TB external --> 12TB external
I’m following the instructions to migrate from above link and am curious if I can keep the same identity folder location because it is technically located on the pi at: </home/pi/.local/share/storj/identity/storagenode>
To me, it makes sense that I could, but I would appreciate someone else’s opinion on it before I jeopardize my node.

After that I believe the directions should be straight forward. Thoughts?

The identity can go anywhere you like but obviously you need to change your start up command appropriately.
Be really sure that you get the paths to data and identity right.
Check 10 times!

Also, I would like to suggest to move the identity to the storage location too, because the SD card is not reliable enough, if it would die, you will lose the whole node, because you need both - the identity and the related data.
Also, if the disk is unmounts for any reason, the storagenode will not start without identity.

In additional, I would suggest to use the subfolder on the disk for the data. It can prevent the storagenode from start, if the disk is not mounted.

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Ok, thank you both. I copied the identity quickly to both places for safe keeping and will likely change the config to the hd location.

Just curious, the rsync has been going for about 10 hours now. Will the second/third time be as long?

No it will be faster.
Third and forth even faster.

Thanks everyone, it seems to be successful after 18 hours and no failed audits :grin: