Raspberry Pi issues -

My raspberry pi 3 that I’m running my SNO on suddenly stopped booting correctly (red light on, green light off). I tried a bunch of things recommended on the internet, but nothing has worked so far. This is what I tried:

Has anyone run into an issue like this before, or have any other ideas what I could try? Thanks so much!

Seen it a few times normally when SD card is going bad, I have a PI4 that I converted to booting off of sata drives so I wouldnt kill anymore sdcards.

Would it be possible at this point for me to convert it to run off the HD rather than SD card? Or is it too late?

Shouldnt be to late you can just change the config on the pi3 to boot off a hard drive, But it still uses the Sdcard to boot though. If you have drive with an OS id for sure boot off that instead of running 24/7 on a sdcard with a swap it really kills it faster.
This link may help you How to boot your Raspberry Pi from a USB mass storage device - The Pi

thank you, this helps!