Register second node

I have mounted a node and I would like to have another one, but the second one tells me that it is offline.

Do you have to do some extra configuration to have two nodes?

Thank you :slight_smile:

you have docker or win gui?

You have to use a different port.

You must also use a new identity for the second node.

yes of course, the node is made all integer from zero …

What they have is the following:

same port same email and same wallet

win GUI

I have windows because at the moment to see how it works I find it more friendly …

once I know the performance that the network demands I will switch to containers

You need to get a new identity (you may use the same email adress for that).

Using the same wallet adress for payouts is not only possible, but mandatory.

ON windows, you can use my toolbox and install second GUI node, in some minuts.

just add your first node to toolbox, by search.
New indentity needed. and there also additional info about how to do it.
I instaled my last node with it, working perfect.
but second node on GUI no auto update, but toolbox can update it when your first node updated, by 1 click